What Are You Playing This Weekend?

It's shaping up to be a windy, wet weekend around my neck of the woods. Which sounds like a bloody wonderful time to knock out some video games.

There's a few things I'm thoroughly looking forward to. I'm still working my way slowly through Swords of Ditto, which is incredibly charming. I'm also keen to see what Brigitte does to the competitive Overwatch meta - it'll be nice to have a viable anti-dive option for a change.

But more importantly, the consoles will get a nice work out this weekend. We've just gotten a new TV and soundbar into our house, which does 4K and HDR very nicely. Far Cry 5 and God of War should be very pretty on both, although the latter ran substantially better on performance mode the last time I tried. That said, Tegan will probably be enjoying that more over the weekend than I will. But I can always play Cricket 97 while I watch.

Beyond that, it's going to be a relatively chilled weekend. But what about yourselves - what are you playing this weekend?


    Just got back into Diablo 3, playing a blessed sheild crusader but its boring, trying to get some other set gear to try a different playstyle.

    Might also play some Deus Ex Mankind Divided, fired it up for the first time the other day and it was abit weird, think ill turn off item highlighting.

    Finishing first playthrough of Dragon Ago Origins on PS3 and will question whether to go for platinum. Depends if the Traveler trophy pops or not, I think.

    Also starting a Pathfinder campaign for my daughter. Should be a fun time!

    Fortnite, need to finish off the Tier 100 challenges.

    I'll be playing "Lawn Cutting simulator" with the "Odd jobs I've been putting off for a month" DLC

    and maybe get in a few hours of Div OS 2. Maybe....

      Just finished that last weekend. The grind is awful but the ending is kinda good.

    Finishing God of War and knocking off all the side quests and Valkyries.

    Battletech. Lots and lots of Battletech.

    And maybe a bit of Skyrim.

      Joining the Battletech crew.

      Hopefully I can get another large laser to upgrade my crappy BJ-1 into the equivalent of the BJ-1DB

      Battletech for me too.
      I'm getting beat very badly... I'm just skirting above bankruptcy.
      I hope the community get on with the mods soon.

        After the first story mission it is pretty easy to stay above board.

    Continuing Farcry 5. Only just finished John's region so im guessing I've still got alot to do.
    And when i cant use the tv I'll be building and painting some AoS.
    Oh and the boring gardening that needs to be done

    God of War. Having a lot of fun with it & my word, it sure is pretty in 4K HDR.

    Going to hit 100 hrs in Xenoblade Chronicles 2, and get in some tabletop time as well. Planning to play Rising Sun for the first time.

    Have two trophies to go in order to platinum Ni No Kuni 2 but feeling a bit bored with it to be honest since i finished the main story line.

    Have had Prey & Wolfenstein 2 sitting there for awhile, might give them a go.

    Might go after that last Valkyrie in GoW, then... maybe some MHW, not sure.

    I've been back into Elite Dangerous after reading David Rayfield's excellent blog post about it the other day, so I'll probably do more of that.

    Also some Dad of War in glorious 4K HDR, as the gods intended.

    Continuing my Fallout 4 playthrough. Not sure whether to just churn through it and stick to the main quests or do everything.

    The completionist in me wants to do everything, but I'm starting to realise just how much more to do in the game there is. While I am enjoying it, it's not my most favorite game so I'm starting to get the itch for something new.

    I got a LAN to go to this weekend.

    Was looking forward to Shoppe Keep 2, but that got delayed.
    So we're swapping over to Murderous Pursuits, Overwatch and Pulsar: Lost Colony

    We are playing the Tiny Tina DLC for borderlands 2 and greatly enjoying it. So probably continue on with that

    Battletech, Frostpunk and Pillars of Eternity, the latter since the sequel is coming out next month and you can transfer saves across.

    More PUBG on iOS. That’s my weekend gaming sorted.

    Miramar test server on Xbox hopefully, few rounds last night felt so much smoother than Erengal.

    Been playing some TERA on the Xbox for some mindless fun and came back to ESO on the pc when the wife is on the tv. Not sure how long I will last with either.

    But, I have gotten into Tales of Bersaria which I have been playing on the tv via Steamlink and that has me hooked. Wife more than happy to watch the story (she has a crush on Eisen) play out while reading on the couch. First Tales game and loving it.

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