What's Your Favourite Drink?

Earlier this morning we had a wonderful little bucket list of whisky from Brian. But there are many fine drinks available in this world, from homemade spiders (bless your heart, Grandad) to luxurious cocktails. Question is, what do you enjoy partaking in?

I've always been a kid who liked smoothies, and since we moved offices I've missed the little place nearby that used to do a nice berry and banana blend. There's other places around our new digs, but - no joke - I'm not paying $9 or $10 for a goddamn smoothie.

Staying with the non-alcoholic varieties, I've always enjoyed a good pulpy - but not *too* sweet - orange juice. I'm still going through boxes of No-Doz at generally unhealthy rates, mind you, but OJ washes it down nicely.

On the stronger side, I've already aired my approval of Japanese whisky. But if I'm after more of a curated drink, I've always enjoyed a good negroni. There's something about the bitterness of Campari that I genuinely enjoy, even when the orange peel inevitably has too much pith on it because the bartender's blotto and the whole thing is undrinkable for most people. Maybe it's just the kind of drink I can sit on really well.

That said, if you're at a nice place that keeps egg whites around, a good whisky sour is a top time.

But what about yourselves? Water aside, and not getting into the coffee/tea debate, what's your favourite drink?


    This might make me a bogan but a proper ice cold draught beer off the tap is still my favourite. I'm getting really cheesed off with this micro brewery wave of beers where everything has to have 'hoppy, fruity flavours'. Just make me a nice crisp clean tasting beer!

      Pale ales and hoppy beers are just the tip of the iceberg. One of my favourite brewerys near me doing an absolutely amazing lager, crisp and smooth and super easy drinking. You just have to to look past those "gateway beers" ;)

        I do agree that they're out there but at least here in Perth they can be quite hard to find. It feels like it is more of a fad thing at the moment and a bit more eveness will return.
        I was speaking to a manager last week who had seen a huge move back to traditional draughts and lagers as the other styles are starting to cannabilise each other.

          I wonder if its a Perth thing, due to the isolation compared to the other main cities. Over here in the east coast, its trivial to see microbrewery beers move from city to city, with bars set up only catering to them alone.

          Here in Wollongong alone, we have something like 65 microbars dotted around essentially for that purpose, and its a trend that's not slowing down. Access to Sydney means access to Melbourne and Brisbane as well, just because they are major trade routes, but Perth is just so far away from everything that its generally dismissed as a market option.

          Which is a shame, because the quality of the micro's over here is pretty high for the most part.

    I'm a fan of Monster Ultra Sunrise (the orange one). I like to describe it as tasting like an aggressive Fanta xD

    TOP 6

    Creaming Soda
    Ice cold Corona
    Vanilla with a massive vanilla hit shake
    Pulpy as OJ
    Earl Grey tea
    French Martini

    Last edited 19/04/18 12:50 pm

    Beer = Tripel Karmeliet
    Wine = Brewer's Hill Organic Shiraz / Jen Pfeiffer's Rutherglen Durif
    Spirits = Hennessy XO
    Whisky (Islay) = Lagavulin 16YO
    Whisky (non-Islay) = Glenmorangie Nectar d'Or

      Ooooh, forgot tea!

      Tea (Western style) = Russian Caravan
      Tea (Asian style) = Oolong or Pu'er

      Have you tried Lagavulin 8 yr? It’s an interesting contrast to the 16. Tastes fresh, almost crisp, like biting into an apple.

        I have not, but I will do so, mainly because the 16YO is not always available :-)

      Quality beer choice. Tripel is a style not everyone makes well, but Westmalle, Karmeliet and La Fin du Monde from Unibroue in Canada are like... three of the best beers ever.

        I also like a Leffe Tripel or a Delirium Tremens.

        I have flirted with Quadrupel before but find I think the alcohol comes through a bit too much in the flavour.

        Will keep my eye out for La Fin du Monde, cheers :-)

    Whisky - I have an Abelour 12 and a Limeburners Single-Peated open at the moment. One small piece of ice.
    Wine - Heavy reds. A good Margaret River Cabernet curls my toes. Also partial to good Mclaren Vale shirazes, Clare Valley Riesling, Margaret River Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from everywhere.
    Beer - Love dark beers and stouts. I'm also a fan of hops. Guinness or Feral Hop Hog are my pint of choice.

    Also partial to good red rum - Appleton Estate or Mt Gay (bundy, I am NOT looking at you), good quality vodka - Hippocampus or 666 Pure - and top shelf Tequila - Don Julio 1942 Añejo on the sideboard at the moment.

      Great call on Margaret River reds, particularly the cabernet blends (but not Merlot)

        Mostly agree with you, but there are a couple of exceptions. Cullen does a particularly nice Cab Sav Merlot, and the Woodlands Cab Merlot is divine (disclosure - Everything Woodlands is divine or better).

    I’m pretty partial to Talisker 10 year old scotch served neat, but if we’re taking cocktails I can’t go past a good whiskey sour.

    I've been getting into XPA's recently (eXtra Pale Ales), which are kind of like a mid between an American Pale Ale and an Indian Pale Ale. Black Brewery do a fantastic XPA.

    As for non-Alcoholic, give me a nice Pineapple Juice any time of the day.

    I like whisky and I see a few others do too. If you haven't tried it and want to try something made in Melbourne, I highly recommend Starward. It's loaded with character and that's how I like my whisky!

      Can’t recommend this enough. Also 2 brothers brewery which is nearby does an excellent beer named the Growler.

      Love Starward. The regular isn’t that impressive but the wine cask is definitely among my favourites.

    Bundaberg Sarsaparilla
    Caramel Thickshake
    Bundaberg Ginger Beer
    Bickford's Lime Juice Cordial

    These are my top four, in order, and as long as I have these (and water) I will never need anything else to drink for the rest of my life! We don't drink alcohol, but wine and beer are good for cooking at least ;p

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    Beer = Newcastle brown
    Mixer = Margarita
    Straight = whiskey (Laphroaig)
    Non alcoholic = ice tea or sarsi

    Beer - partial to more yeast-driven Belgian styles and sours, but almost all beer is good
    Mezcal - too expensive in this country, so only if I'm feeling flush or have been to Mexico recently

    Also dig (mostly natural) wines, amaro and whisk(e)y.

    Gin and tonic.
    Also partial to UDLS because I’m classy.

      Don't leave us hanging, what's your preferred Gin?

    Cocktail - usually go for the Long Island Iced Tea
    Other alcohol is usually some sort of cider, usually Mercury but try different stuff from time to time.

    For non alcoholic, it's hard to beat a crisp cold carbonated apple cider.
    OJ or OJ/Pineapple juice with lemonade is also tops.

    I've been hooked on Friesengeist ever since I had a shot of it at a German restaurant in Sydney. Its somewhat expensive though and I have to order it from interstate so it's only a sometimes drink.

    Rum (any rum) is my usual drink of choice.

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