What’s Your Favourite Multiplayer Map?

What’s Your Favourite Multiplayer Map?

PUBG fans are enjoying the beauty of learning and exploring a new map, which is perfect timing for this week’s Big Question: maps. Specifically, multiplayer ones.

While there’s plenty of debate about what the best multiplayer maps might be, everyone has their favourites. And you might be fully aware that your favourite isn’t necessarily the balanced or fairest map, but goddamit, it suits the way you play, and that makes it fun.

I used to absolutely love the snot out of de_cbble in old-school Counter-Strike for this reason. It was, unabashedly, a defenders’ map. You very rarely saw terrorists picking up six or seven rounds, unless someone had radically screwed up somewhere.

That was just how the map was designed: it was hard as nails to crack, and I enjoyed being with a team who loved butting their head against that challenge. (It was also the first map I ever played in a competitive LAN match, which happened to go into overtime where I got a couple of clutches and basically flipped the game with a full crowd watching. Good times.)

Facing Worlds is a fan favourite for a similar reason: it’s iconic, evocative, even though the long sniper lines and narrow design mean it’s not a very practical map to play on. But hey, if you’re playing Instagib CTF, you’re just in it for those big kill streaks.

More recently, I’ve been playing a lot of Overwatch. In there, it’s the control point modes that really sign to me. I’m a big fan of Ilios, considering I play a lot of Soldier 76, Moira and Roadhog, although Lijang Tower always has plenty of great, tense battles.

What are your favourite multiplayer maps?


  • Hang ’em High, Halo 1. Pistols-only, no shields, CTF. Perfect.

    They remade the map later but didn’t adjust it for the the physics and weapons and it never quite played the same.

    • I always loved Boarding Action. Loved the concept behind that map.
      But my favourite has got to be Battle Creek. I have so many memories of 1v1 with my brother as a kid.

      • Battle/Beaver Creek was good for a small number of players. Most of my Halo MP sessions were split across at least two systems with 6-8 players or more so the bigger maps were better.

  • Damavand Peak exclusively for the 500 meter drop between objectives and the shenanigans when you combine the drop with the fact it’s Battlefield and that means vehicles.

  • Kind-of a weird choice but I love Driftwood Shores from Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare. It was easily the best map for the best matches, and it had so much charm, character, and variety. PopCap always said they couldn’t bring it back in GW2 because of the size of the Imp’s mech, and that always really disappointed me.

    Since I doubt many know about PVZGW, I’d say another favorite is always Halo’s Blood Gulch and it’s reincarnations – I love Hemorrhage in Halo Reach.

  • I really like King’s Row and Junkertown in Overwatch. The former is great for defending and satisfying when your attack is successful, and the latter’s open starting area prompts me to use heroes I don’t usually pick and try new things.

    • Same! I also have a soft spot for Watchpoint Gilbraltar – all the different platform heights and flank routes give you a lot of options to try with different characters so it doesn’t feel stale.

  • 2Fort in TF2 is my personal favourite CTF map. Lots of ways to get into the enemy base with none of them being without its own drawback and every class had their pros and cons on the map itself, had a lot of fun with this map back in the day. Facing Worlds is a close second.

    As for straight deathmatch, Deck16/17 or Morpheus from Unreal Tournament, tied with Facility from Goldeneye. Also I really liked Runoff from HL2DM.

  • Unreal tournament – facing world’s and Morpheus.
    Goldeneye – facility.
    Mario kart 64 – block fort.

  • Tokyo Megaplex for split-screen SSX Tricky. Maintaining those rails on the ceiling was tense as.

  • Valhalla and Sandtrap in Halo 3. Just the right size for some good vehicle use but with plenty of cover and sneaky places to get around them if you play it right.
    Death Island in Halo 1 – honestly too big but I loved it for the vehicle use and again there was the chance to be sneaky and mess with the enemy team when they weren’t expecting you.
    Warpath in teamfortress classic – was always happy when in rotated to this map.

  • ohhh whats that one from UT2K4 with the big towers connected by 2 long land bridges? Facing worlds? I used to freaking love playing that one at LAN parties 🙂 also another classic map i love is the creatively named DM17 in Quake 3 =D Railgun only with instagib on that map. so good!

  • 007 Nightfire – Skyrail. Grab a sniper, hop in the skycar and rain bullets on the helpless bots below. Loved it!

    Also, Wake Island from Battlefield series (in particular 1943, the first BF game I played with my other console buddies).

  • There’s all the obvious ones; Blood Gulch, de_dust2, Facing Worlds, Facility, etc.

    I always loved Wizard from Halo:CE. Something about it just seemed to click with my play style, and I tended to dominate our LAN parties.

    Crossfire from Half-Life deathmatch was amazing. I always loved when someone would set off the alarm, because I’d sit in one of the windows over looking the court yard, and take people out with the crossbow while they all scrambled for safety, and then I could eat the explosion, and make it back to my spot and pick the crossbow back up before anyone in the shelter could get out and I’d pick them off too. =P

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