YouTuber Apologises For Seven Minutes After Tournament Loss

YouTuber Apologises For Seven Minutes After Tournament Loss

Last Saturday, YouTuber Mokou posted a video in which he said he’d retire from pro gaming if he didn’t win any prize money at this past Sunday’s Puyo Puyo tournament. He lost and now he’s really sorry.

GIF: Mokou

In the earlier clip (below), Mokou came across as rather cocky as he claimed defeat would mean retirement. He’s better known as a streamer, and this was to be his first tournament, apparently. “In the event that I do not enter the prize money sphere, I will retire as a pro (gamer).” He added that this would certainly show his “true ability” as a pro.

Mokou didn’t just lose in the tournament – he got booted from the first round.

Earlier this month, Mokou was one of 11 Japanese gamers to get the country’s first pro-gaming licence for Puyo Puyo. Tournament cash prizes in Japan are traditionally small, but those with this licence are officially viewed as “professionals” and are able to win more money. This system was developed to get around the country’s gambling laws.

[referenced url=”” thumb=”” title=”The New Definition Of ‘Pro Gamer’ In Japan” excerpt=”In Japanese, ‘pro gamer’ previously had one definition. a gamer who got money to play. Hence, a professional. Last week, the word was given a new definition by the newly established Japan Esports Union.”]

After the tournament, Puyo Puyo producer Mizuki Hosoyamada thanked everyone for competing and then said, “Well… Mokou. You’re not allowed to retire. Please win and then retire if you plan on retiring.”

Mokou has since released a seven-minute clip in which he prostrates himself and apologises. In Japan, this is called “dogeza” (土下座). The practice is not that common and reserved for major fuck-ups or extreme groveling.

He repeatedly says he’s sorry and that he’s reflected on what he said and just how dominant the top Puyo Puyo players are. “I really thought about retiring,” he says, adding that he was aware that people would think he had lied. But, Mokou added, Puyo Puyo‘s producer told him he couldn’t retire.

“Please let me play a bit more,” Mokou continues, and he bows and weeps. “Please give me one more chance.”

YouTuber Apologises For Seven Minutes After Tournament Loss

Image: Mokou

Mokou also changed his Twitter icon photo and banner to reflect how sorry he is.

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