A Frighteningly Accurate Analysis Of Mario Kart's Politics

Wario is a libertarian. Bowser is a fascist. We know this about them, in our hearts, but no one has ever sat down and categorized the political leanings of the Mushroom Kingdom's best-known residents.

Art House Politics has put together a video demarcating the political leanings of each of the characters in Mario Kart 8, although sadly, the koopas get short shrift. Other than that oversight, though, this video is 100 per cent accurate.

Don't ask us how we can tell that Dry Bones is an Alex Jones-alike, but it just makes sense, and not only because their names rhyme.


    We all know Mario is secretly a Facist Italian Dictator.

      Mario is Mussolini confirmed

      Last edited 19/05/18 10:51 pm

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