A Little More Info About Mario Tennis Aces

It's not in English, but if you're patient and you pay attention, the latest Mario Tennis Aces trailer from Nintendo Japan has a bunch of fresh information that hasn't been shown yet.

The first couple of minutes covers the same ground as the initial Mario Tennis Aces reveal, with the basic types of shots and how the power metre works. Once you get past that, however, there's some new animated cut scenes, an indication of what the singleplayer campaign will be like, a board game-like mode that looks a touch Mario Party-esque, and different kinds of levels that include an Egyptian-themed court.

Mario Tennis Aces is due out June 22, but an online beta will kick off from June 1-3. The beta will be available for download from May 25, with Bowser, Peach, Mario and Yoshi earmarked as playable characters.


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