Good Game’s Twitter Is Shutting Down

Good Game’s Twitter Is Shutting Down

While last night was flooded with the news of screenPLAY‘s cancellation, it wasn’t the only video game show to be affected by decisions from management.

The official Good Game account announced yesterday – at 1620 AEST – that the show’s Twitter page would be deactivated from Friday. According to the post, the decision to shut down was “requested by the higher-ups”, although each of the hosts would maintain their own personal accounts and that the closure would not affect Good Game: Spawn Point‘s presence on YouTube.

At the time of writing, the @GoodGameTV account has around 36,800 followers. The combined following of each of the hosts totals around 19,275, while the show’s Facebook page is followed by just over 152,000 people.

In a follow-up tweet, the team said that ABC management “see that tour audience isn’t on Twitter”. “Also, since [Good Game‘s] cancellation, we weren’t supposed to be using the Twitter page anyway,” the team wrote.

Good Game’s Twitter Is Shutting Down


  • hmmm what a surprise.No correlation with the screenplay development lol they dont even try to hide it. mission accomplished. Slowly turn the lights out Guthrie.Rip good game. I really liked good game.Waiting for the inevitable downvotes.

      • Its not that hard to understand. There has been a long running campaign by certain elements of our political spectrum mainly the IPA and the Liberal party to dismantle the ABC as it used to have a free voice. They have been picking apart at it for the last forever. restructuring iview destroying any on air intelligence with right wing thinktank nutters on every board. they are beyond rediculous. Then we have Michelle Guthrie who is a direct transfer from part of murdochs empire. She was pretty high up in the fox corporate. Her restructuring of the ABC and the dirty dismantling that they have done. It is highly likely that this was all planned. You can think im all tinfoily all you like. but if you did the smallest digging around you might see a little differently. either way i thought it should be said. This article fits nicely with the previous one about the ending of screenplay. get off my lawn.

        • As someone with a a tiny bit of insight into the level of Murdoch’s influence within the Liberal and National parties, everything you say is quite believable.

  • Totally get that Spawn Points audience isn’t on Twitter, but DO NOT cancel this show ABC. My son would die a little inside.

  • It’s almost like the ABC don’t want to be reminded that they cancelled a solid brand with an established following.

    Yes, I’m still bitter, by the way. It was just a dumb move by the network.

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