Telstra's Having Another Outage, Some 4G And NBN Voice Calls Affected [Update: Fixed!]

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Australia's largest network is having issues once again, with users reporting troubles with the 4G network around the country affecting voice calls over 4G and the nbn.

Update #2 (1615 AEST): Telstra is advising customers that calls should be working just fine over 4G now:

The official Telstra account has been advising users over Twitter for at least the past hour that their team was "looking into issues impacting some 4G and nbn voice calls". Voice calls over 3G have not been affected.

The Aussie Outages website has received thousands of reports in the last couple of hours as well:

Telstra users needing to make phone calls should set their phones to use the 3G network exclusively, after which point calls should work just fine.

Update (1450 AEST): Telstra has replied with a statement, saying that "data and 3G services" are unaffected.

We apologise for an issue impacting some 4G voice calls. Customers who are impacted can switch to 3G to make calls. Data and 3G services are not impacted.

We are working to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

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    I think I am not alone when I say that I kind of miss adsl, sure it never reachs the high points that nbn occassionally touches, but it was hell of a lot more reliable.

      I'm in a cable area, and the cable was down on Sunday (not with Telstra but I have Foxtel which was affected as well), ADSL was also down in the area according to the outages page

      The estimated fix time for the cable was 8 hours. ADSL fix estimate was 2 days. Although as both Telstra and Optus offer cable service in the area, i cant see many people being on ADSL

      As someone who has never had a reliable ADSL connection, I don't look back on the tech with the same nostalgia as you.

      Last edited 01/05/18 3:01 pm

        I'm with Optus cable and in 4 years I had only ever had 1 minor outage. In the last 6 weeks I've had 3 and they were all peak time and over 6 hours duration.

    I could not disagree with you more - but that's because I have FTTP.

    Another outage?

    Come on Telstra!

    It's getting to the point where it's easier and requires less effort to track when the network is up and just assume its down by default.

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