Another Cancelled Star Wars Disney Infinity Figure

When Disney Infinity was cancelled back in 2016, a number of projects planned for the platform - such as a Moana tie-in - were cancelled along with it. So too were new figures based on Marvel's Doctor Strange and Star Wars' Rogue One.

We've seen one of those Rogue One figures already, but remember, a whole playset - with multiple miniatures - was planned as well, and this K2SO was going to be a part of it.

It was designed by Ian Jacobs, whose work on the series we've highlighted previously.

It's hard to miss Disney Infinity as a coherent video game experience, because it kinda sucked. But man, I just liked getting the figures, and these looked great.


    I enjoyed playing it with my son and to have SW and Marvel as part of the deal, well that made it extra good.

    Luke, please define "coherent video game experience".

    Infinity was cancelled because of an "Excel spreadsheet" - plain and simple,... putting it another way: Disney could make more money doing something else. As far as our hypothetical spreadsheet goes, basically a cell in the spreadsheet turned red (aka BAD), they had a meeting, the project was cancelled. This is a simplified version of what all big companies do when something gets cancelled.

    Getting back to gaming. I actually really loved Infinity for the fact it had a built-in programming language that meant you could, should you want to, create something totally cool or crazy or whatever. In my case, I built a level so I could auto-level my figures to max level. You know, important stuff.

    So yeah,... coherent video game experience... how does that go again?

    Disney Infinity was the number one game in my household; and is still played on occasion now.
    We have every figure, including the never officially released Peter Pan.
    I was hugely disappointed when DI was cancelled; and only wish they could have at least continued to release the figures as collectibles.

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