Archie And Betty Draw The Wrath Of Vampironica In Her Next Issue

Archie And Betty Draw The Wrath Of Vampironica In Her Next Issue

There are two kinds of drama in Vampironica‘s gothic-horror-tinged version of Riverdale. Vampire drama is one, obviously, because it’s in the name of the series. The other is a Riverdale tradition: relationship drama! And our vampiric heroine Veronica uncovers a whole heap of it in this preview of the second issue.

Veronica’s got some shit to deal with — not just Vampire stuff! — in Vampironica #2.

We loved the debut issue of Greg Smallwood, Megan Smallwood, and Jack Morelli’s Vampironica, which gave us a glorious, bloodsucking version of Riverdale’s queen bee Veronica as a recently-turned vampire trying to protect her friends from other creatures of the night that now stalk the town.

But as this exclusive preview of Vampironica #2 — set in a flashback to the night Veronica’s parents were murdered and she was first turned into a vampire — shows, sometimes her concerns are less noble when it comes to the love life of a certain Archie Andrews.

Check out a few more covers for Vampironica #2 below, as well as a new trailer catching you up on what you missed if you didn’t pick up the first issue.

The main cover for Vampironica #2.

Francesco Francavilla’s variant for Vampironica #2.

Robert Hack’s variant for Vampironica #2.