Atari VCS Ships With Over 100 Classic Atari Games, Supports 4K, HDR And 60 FPS

Atari VCS Ships With Over 100 Classic Atari Games, Supports 4K, HDR And 60 FPS

Piece by piece, we’re starting to learn a little more about Atari’s plans for the Atari VCS, formerly known by the much cooler name of the Ataribox.

The company announced through an email newsletter this morning that the console would support 4K, HDR and 60 FPS content. While it wasn’t a full list of the console’s specifications, ATari added that it would have support for Bluetooth 5.0, dual-band Wi-Fi and USB 3.0 ports, along with onboard and expandable storage.

“The company is partnered with AMD, who provides the VCS custom processor with Radeon Graphics Technology,” the email adds.

atari vcs

Image: Atari

It also added a few other details: every Atari VCS would ship with a library of “more than 100 classic games” including Asteroids, Missile Command and Breakout. The email also noted that users could “create or port your own games and multimedia content”, although it didn’t go into specifics.

The official crowdfunding campaign will begin at the end of this month through Indiegogo, with an “early bird” package available for $US199.


  • …… Whats the bet there putting some sort of Mario Maker style editor in it, and that’s where the 100 odd games will be and are also how people will be able to make their own games. Could be very interesting.

  • Is a bit fishy, for starters I’m not even sure if Linux AMD drivers of any sort support HDR just yet, second of all 60fps and 4k don’t mix unless their talking about select titles supporting that. A BGA 2200-2400G can do allot of things but 4k + HDR + 60fps is asking a bloody lot!

    (I guess its fine for retro games, but seriously 4k+hdr for retro arcade pixel/bitmap games?)

  • Ah, the Atari Version Control System. You’d think a development company would know that acronym already exists in software.

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