Bethesda Announces Rage 2

Bethesda Announces Rage 2
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After a week of teasing, viral leaking, and marketing plans, today it’s finally official: Rage is getting a sequel.

Here’s the Mad Max-ish teaser trailer, with Bethesda promising a full gameplay reveal tomorrow:

This one will be developed by Avalanche Studios, the studio responsible for the 2015 open-world Mad Max game.

The first Rage, developed by id Software and released in 2011, received mediocre reviews. 

In 2012, as we reported, id Software was planning its own version of Rage 2 before Bethesda canceled it and refocused the studio on the new Doom, which was going through a brutal development cycle.

Thanks to some reboots, some management changes, and a lot of talented people, id Software recovered to release 2016’s Doom, a highly-regarded new entry in the series that wound up on the top of many Game of the Year lists.

So why would Bethesda make a new Rage game? For starters, Bethesda marketing boss Pete Hines has teased it, suggesting that the first Rage sold well enough to justify a sequel.

And as we saw from last year’s Prey – which had nothing to do with the first Prey, and which many developers at Arkane didn’t actually want to call Prey – Bethesda does not like throwing away its old brands, even when they’re hopping between studios, genres, and ideas.


  • It’ll be interesting to see how a new Rage can do with the benefit of learning that megatextures were a fucking godawful idea, and that you should figure out early on where and when a story ending should take place so that you aren’t scrabbling to stitch it together when you realize you’ve already blown through your story budget without even thinking about leading up to the end. Also that levels having extended corridors that are so long that they’re boring even when traversed by vehicle does not make for an ‘open world’.

    • This game isn’t a ID Software game, It’s a Avalanche game, I expect a generic experience like Madmax & Justcause, I was excited for a ID Software RAGE 2 where they learn from their mistakes but this is not it.

  • Rage was one of the first games to require a full hard drive install on Xbox 360. That’s pretty much all I remember about it.

  • I was really interested before I saw the teaser the other day, but both that and this have me really worried that its moving too far into into Borderlands territory.

  • The first Rage was ok but nothing spectacular but I sure could go for a good Mad Max like game right now.

    Hope this is great.

  • Rage wasn’t fit for consoles, the texture pop in delay was insane.
    I played it for about 30-45 mins before I couldn’t deal with it any longer and returned it.

    • It wasn’t acceptable on a high-powered PC at the time, either, which is where I played it. The pop-in was truly just fucking garbage. You didn’t even have to pull shifty tricks to make it obvious, either, like spinning the mouse so you turned 180 in a second… no, it was pretty much just ALWAYS there on the periphery of your vision. Really horrible. The only time it was tolerable was in tiny, cramped corridors. It makes me wonder if they KNEW that, and it influenced how many tiny, cramped corridors they ended up using in their level design.

      Fuck, it was such a waste, too… the enemy design and interactivity was often interesting, the weapons felt solid and decent to use, and there was heaps of (largely un-tapped, unfortunately) potential in the weapon upgrades system, the mission hub system, and the plot/setting/themes.

      • I had zero issues with pop in, and sometimes feel like my opinion on Rage differs from other people because I didn’t suffer those issues. I can understand though, as glitching, etc. annoy the shit outta me in games.

        But Rage, I thought, was stunning and smooth.

    • It played better on my xbox 360 than Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor, Call of duty black opps 2 etc.

  • I enjoyed Rage for the most part. The vehicle combat was boring and travel took forever, but the shooting was solid and the world looked cool.

    I’d be happy if this ended up like Borderlands. Spending a few weeks doing another silly co-op shooter campaign with the wife sounds good.

    • I enjoyed the vehicles, but they weren’t perfect – I can understand why some people would find them boring though. My biggest issue with them was the sound actually. I thought the handling could be pushed a bit further too.

      I don’t want it to be like borderlands personally. I’d prefer it to be more like Mad Max than Borderlands. MM was a great game – my biggest complaint was again the vehicle sounds; and while it’s not the end of the world, I’d have liked the vehicle handling to feel better, it was just a bit lacking. But overall it was an extremely pretty world, and fun overall game.

  • There were actually significant fixes for the texture popin shortly after release, but like all things, it should have been included in the main config from the start.

    • yep, I feel like my impression is quite different than other peoples because I had zero issues when I played the game – it was beautiful and silky smooth. I know when I play games that have horrible pop and stutter I can’t stand it though.

  • Based on that video alone currently for me its a pass, I didn’t like the first one and this makes the game looking a FMV when its released. Things will change though ….

  • I enjoyed the gameplay of the first, but hated the way it ended and some of the textures were just so baaaaaaaaad.
    This one COULD be good. Maybe.

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