Dear Blizzard, Please Make This Pokemon-Overwatch Crossover Official

GIF: Instagram/DeviantArt (Petey_Pariah)

If there could be one crossover that I could make happen, it would have to be the reimagining of Pokemon characters as Overwatch heroes.

Artist Petey_Pariah has been giving Pokemon an Overwatch makeover for a little while, posting the fruits of his labour on DeviantArt and Instagram.

In a private message, they explained that it all started with a couple of copic markers and a co-worker. "You can't really do much with just two colours so 150+ markers later I was in a little too deep financially," they said.

"I basically needed an excuse to use them so I started the series as a way to keep me drawing and colouring. Luckily for me, it resonated with a lot of people and the series became quite popular (notably on Instagram) so it basically motivated me to keep going."

Image: Petey_Pariah

Image: Petey_Pariah

"I'm hopeless at Overwatch but I adore the character designs so I thought it would be a fun project to combine our favourite games," Petey_Pariah said. "there are actually a few Pokémon and overwatch matchup artists out there like Han Seok-bum who do awesome work but I feel like there were a lot of missed opportunities because they relegated themselves to the earlier gens. Essentially, my mashups are a self-fulfilling wish and are an alternative for people who feel the same way."

Image: Petey_Pariah

Image: Petey_Pariah

The artist emphasised that the project is ongoing, with new PokemonxOverwatch mashups every time a new character is announced. To go through the rest of the roster, check out Petey_Pariah's Instagram above or their DeviantArt page.


    appart from the random arms ones the Overwatch ones are pretty cool

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