Boba Fett's Solo Movie Is Moving Forward With The Director Of Logan

The galaxy's most notorious bounty hunter may finally be making it to the big screen. The Hollywood Reporter says that James Mangold, the writer and director of Logan, is in talks to write and direct a Boba Fett-focused Star Wars standalone film.

It's unclear if Simon Kinberg, who has been attached to the film since 2012, is still involved.

Star Wars faithful will recall that the Boba Fett movie was originally going to be the 2018 Star Wars Story, but when director Josh Trank was removed from the project days before the announcement in 2015, it was shelved.

Rumour was, there was even a concept trailer that was going to be revealed at Star Wars Celebration that year. With the Boba Fett project on hold, Lucasfilm then greenlit Solo for the 2018 spot.

Mangold is currently casting a film about the rivalry between Ford and Ferrari, so it seems unlikely this would be the next Star Wars film after Episode IX... but, this is Star Wars we're talking about. It can change a lot of things.

We still don't know what the planned 2020 Star Wars film will be; rumours persist of an Obi-Wan Kenobi movie in development by director Stephen Daldry, as well as two new film series, one by Rian Johnson, the other by David Benioff and D.B. Weiss.

As for Boba Fett, the character was originally only in a few scenes in The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, hypothetically dying in that final film. But after he was inserted into A New Hope via the Special Editions, we learned in the prequel trilogy that Boba was an unaltered clone of Jango Fett, his father and fellow bounty hunter. We don't know if this film will follow Boba in the years before the original trilogy — or if he'll get out of the Sarlacc Pit and terrorises the galaxy anew.

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    For all that this is a bit of a shrug-worthy choice for a movie, it'd be good to see a massive budget film like this with a Maori lead, assuming they don't decide to ret-con that.

      I read something ages ago about a rumoured story for the film where Boba was killed off post-prequels and that someone else had been 'Boba Fett' when we saw the character in the original trilogy having stolen the armour and mystique that went with it. I liked that idea, but having dubbed Boba with Morrison's voice kind of ruins that, although they could fudge it. How old is Temuera Morrison? Get him back to play old-man Boba, have him killed off right at the beginning and have someone new take over in the Mandalorian armour.

      Of course it's more likely that they'll just recast the role and Boba Fett will just be Boba Fett. Apparently Lawrence Kasdan always hated the whole 'Boba is a clone' thing though.

        Boba Fett's armour was stolen/copied by someone else post-Sarlacc. So when Boba crawled out he had to deal with some prick stealing his identity. It was actually a really pretty and cool comic book. Gorgeous art.

        I quite like the idea of Boba Fett being this mythic hero who only actually exists as a suit of armour. The film could be a bunch of different vignettes of different people acquiring and donning the armour and playing out their own version of Fett.

        It'd not only make for an interesting movie but fits quite well with what the fandom has built around a character who doesn't actually do anything particularly interesing

    Mangold's credits aren't anything to get excited about. Logan was good but there's a lot of other stinkers.

    I was always a bit disappointed that Boba Fett didn't turn out to be female under all the armour and synthesised voice. I rather lost interest in the character after it turned out to be a kiwi bloke.

      Similar to Boushh turning out to be Leia?
      Would have been pretty cool though.

    So they're going ahead with this... Well, I guess we're just ignoring that Boba Fett basically set the bar for useless characters with massively exaggerated reputations.

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