Cafe Latte Flavored Water Released In Japan 

GIF: Asahi

This week, Asahi Soft Drinks is releasing cafe latte flavored water. For a country that already has yogurt flavored water, this should surprise no one.

Asahi's Clear Latte, which is described as "clear espresso and milk," has zero caffeine, no fat, and is low calorie.

Image: Asahi

It's apparently made from expresso extract, whey minerals from raw milk and Asahi's delicious water.

Here is the previously mentioned yogurt water, which first came out a few years ago.

This is not bad, actually! So I have every reason to believe coffee-flavored water might be ok. Not great, but ok.


    Zero caffeine? Bah, I have no time for this weak-ass bullshit.

    Someone wake me up when they release "the tears of my enemies" flavour

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