Channel Seven Cancels ScreenPLAY

Channel Seven Cancels ScreenPLAY
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Almost a year after kicking off their new venture into video games and esports, Channel Seven has cancelled ScreenPLAY.

The team behind the show cited “commercial realities in TV” for the show’s closure. The announcement seems to have come as a surprise, with the show only hours prior promoting a giveaway and touching base with readers through Facebook and Twitter.

Members of the show have reposted the message from the official screenPLAY account. Miles Ross, co-host and the show’s face of esports, also thanked the crew and those who nominated him for the role initially via Twitter.

Co-host and Good Game alumni Stephanie Bendixen also indicated that “there’s a world outside of games I plan to explore”, although she would always have an outlet for games through streaming and “event coverage”.

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  • “Why do we keeo losing the younger generation to online streaming?”
    Christ. Old people need to move on already.

    • If I could watch a show with good production values, easy to tolerate presenters and 4k gameplay footage on Netflix I’d be all over it.

      • This. I don’t even have access to normal TV. Let alone know that I’ll have to watch it at a certain time of the day. Or put up with gross ads.

    • If Netflix was going to fund a gaming show, I suspect they’d want to broadcast it in all markets. And at that point, they’d also be competing with teams in the US who could produce such a show.

  • That’s to bad
    I liked the show but haven’t been watching lately mainly because every time I flick on to seven mate it was a bunch of wankers talking about afl for hour after the show was supposed to start

        • Pretty much the same thing really. No Bajo, but what was there instead was worth the inclusion. The esport stuff was more than lipservice, and worth the price of admission alone.

          Was more joking that it was the only show of its type on TV these days, now GG is gone. I don’t put Spawn Point in the same league, it targets a far younger audience. And had forgotten it was still there when I posted….

          Overall though, its format was close enough to GG that its almost the same product, only with added sponsors.

    • Why would they regret that? Only someone with no aspirations would regret taking an opportunity like that.

      • Well, probably wouldn’t have been sacked in 10 months if they’dve stayed in the ABC. Also Good Game would still be around, outside of Spawn Point.

        • I think you’re kidding yourself if you don’t think GG would have been trashed anyway.

  • To be honest i expected this. The audience they are aiming for does not watch FTA TV. They watch youtube and twitch. This show should have been done on youtube

    • They were active on YouTube and Twitch. And not just reposting highlights of the broadcast show: it was original content for each platform. When they started, they said Seven was interested in a cross-media project rather than a traditional TV show.

      It would be interesting to know which platforms they were or weren’t profitable on.

      • What i mean is they should have focused everything behind Youtube and Twitch. There are several companies behind big youtube channels. Seven west Media could have saved a lot of money by just focusing on an internet based program rather than a F2A one. An internet based show also has a lot more flexibility compared to F2A.

        I think Seven West media is on a sinking ship (F2A) and they are staying on the ship proclaiming “All is fine” whie at the same time poking more holes in the ship “Endless reality shows”

        • The reality shows actually do really well and make them a lot of money. As long as they continues, they’re not going to stop doing them.

  • I only watch ScreenPlay on Youtube anyway, so hopefully they can change it up somehow and keep it online.

  • I knew they were making a mistake bailing on Good Game. Sad for them, and I imagine getting a new gig will be pretty hard.

  • I used to watch Good Game every week on Iview. I thought i’d transition to Screenplay, but honestly i watched one episode and just never really went back. It wasn’t a bad show, but 7mate just wasn’t the iview convenience and the show didn’t have the authentic Good Game charm.

    • I really like Hex but for me, Bajo was a big part of the charm. It’s been a few years since I watched regularly though.

  • They stuck it on like 10:30pm on a Thursday and wondered why no one watched it. I think part of the problem was Ch 7 just poached 2 presenters from Good Game so it didn’t feel like a different show.

  • It’s a real shame, but as others have said, I was only watching the YouTube content anyway. They should just monetize/make merch and go to YouTube.

  • Sad news, I really enjoyed the show and will miss it.

    I watched the show weekly on Seven’s terrible Hbbtv app and watched the YouTube daily shows.

    The show was definitely finding it’s feet, especially bringing Miles on for all segments. They had a good dynamic but must not have found the audience or sponsors to keep going.

  • Man, what a bummer. I mean, that being said, I cheered them on from the beginning, yet never watched a single video. We don’t even have a TV aerial.

    Good luck to the team moving forward!

  • I did watch Good Game religiously until Nichboy showed up… that kind of killed my interest and unfortunately I had no interest in following him to Seven.

    That’s the other point – if 9 or 10 had put on a show life this it might have had legs but Seven is the home of lame shows aimed at women in their 50s and 60s! That is not the demo that will land on a show like this.

    • Really? I initially wasn’t so sure about Nichboy but he really grew on me, especially after watching pocketeers. He is good value and has only gotten better over time.

    • Pretty sure 9 and 10 would have done no better. 9 already has a tech/gamer show (of sorts), who’s name escapes me right now, and its buried with zero penetration. Its basically morphed into something aimed at ma and pa looking to get the latest Harvey Norman option.

      CyberShack, that’s it. Thanks Mr Google. Who also advises that it started on 10 way back when.

  • This was always going to happen once good game finished. They were never serious about getting a good video game show on 7. Couldn’t have the ABC have anything that keeps its audiences.This is all part of the IPA and Liberal parties plan to break up the ABC. They are almost there. Its such a shame and so transparent.

    • Bullshit. Why are you bringing politics into this? They have nothing to do with these decisions.

      • There are a few who basically follow and even support the ABC with what can only be described as a religious furore.

        To them, the ABC can do no wrong and when something bad happens it is somehow the fault of the Liberal portion of the Coalition or an act of national betrayal if former hosts (such as Hex) leave for other ventures.

        • Yes. If employees decide to go to a commerical station to float a new production (for profit) somehow that’s a political decision?

          Ridiculous paranoid baseless bullshit. They saw an opportunity and they took it. Simple as that. I should mention that I’m a semi-professional film maker. I’ve never worked for any of the television stations but I’m familiar with how they operate.

          • If employees decide to go to a commerical station to float a new production (for profit) somehow that’s a political decision?

            I don’t think either of us will ever know (let alone understand) the reason for that link.

            Maybe they are just fond of the ABC as it once was and don’t want to acknowledge the shell of a broadcaster it has become.

            While I like a good discussion, this is where I’m bailing before this line of discussion gets hijacked (as my past posts show, I have a tendency to piss people off by just telling complete truths).

          • Complete truths bahahaha you sound like a paragon wisehacker and for the record they were approached by seven hmmmm.

          • You are living up to your nick today with these very wise words. I think it’s sad that some people have conditioned themselves to only see the one enemy behind almost every decision, but that’s how some people live. Apparently ignorance is bliss, but it still makes me wrinkle my nose when I see it. But who am I to talk? I can’t even spell the word ‘commercial’ properly.

          • Why dont you two get room then? lol….anyway whenever you get over being edgy and cool look a little into it. You will find that not only is it likely but within the realms of possibility.

          • You’re the one talking it up. The emphasis is on you to look into it and supply EVIDENCE.

            And if you knew me in real life, I am neither edgy or cool. But I don’t like to suffer bullshit like it’s the truth. Just back up your words and I’ll believe you, until then, you just sound like a brain washed zealout – OMGZ IT WAS THE LNP U GUYS!!!!

    • Because its true. The liberal party have been trying to and successfully I might add break up the ABC for a long time. It is no secret. ABC good game was a popular show. This one is a no brainer. Look im not going to write pages of information on how the IPA works,Murdoch ,all the stuff about Michelle Guthrie and the aims of the liberal party re the ABC and Murcoch. No conspiracy stuff, its all out in the open. This was obvious when they axed good game, it was never going to work on 7. Religious furore pffft wisehacker stop being a shill for the Liberal party or an edgey a fence sitter (your so cool) lol. ABC has been succesfully destroyed so you should be happy. This was definitely part of the death by thousand cuts. I bought politics into it because it killed a show I loved.

      • I can’t believe you’ve been downvoted for this. It’s not even a secret. LNP have been very open and obvious about this. They installed a new Head and have been axing shows, journalists, and everything else pretty openly. Not to mention the heavily right wing lean that they’ve begun to take on their news shows. It’s open and clear. No secret.

      • Sure. Where’s your source then?

        Can I add, like I said to wisehacker, I actually know a bit about this industry and what it takes to get a show going. No-one from the liberal party said “Guys, show’s too successful, you need to go to channel 7”.

        Call me whatever you like, YOU’re the one who brought politics into this and I am simply saying “Bullshit, but feel free to supply evidence and I will believe you”.

        Balls in your court buddy. You can back up your words can’t you?

  • With how overly commercialised the show was, I’m not surprised. I remember watching an episode and felt deterred over the coverage of mostly AAA titles and the show’s sponsors. I recall one episode was like “Check out this cool new game by Activision, brought to you by St George. Open an account with St George today to get more dollar for your games” or something like that.

  • If anyone wants to watch something sort of similar to Good Game but with less of the covering every single new game in as little time as possible and more of the hanging out with friends on a coach stuff the outside Xtra do a show of the weekend every Saturday on YouTube that I quite enjoy. Unfortunately it seems many of the gaming community have turned off their TVs in turn for YouTube and Netflix so at least we have something that’s a bit like good game was

  • Highly doubt it was a surprise to the production team, they just have to keep tight lipped about a sinking ship until it’s sunk. I respect the team for trying to reach a “mainstream” audience on commercial TV, with a more honest and less commercial approach than past (failed) efforts. Unfortunately TV is fickle and is usually a case of catching lightning in a bottle, Good Game did this, ScreenPLAY didn’t. I would watch GG somewhat regularly and once I started, I would watch the whole episode. ScreenPLAY could barely hold my attention until the next ad break. Good luck to all involved, at least you took a risk and gave it a crack.

  • It’s a real shame but the model was never going to work. Totally inevitable.

    Hex and Bajo should get back together – they have a good charisma together that could capture the younger demographic with a combination of episodic content and streaming.

    • Hex and Nich actually work really well together, especially when they could actually be themselves and not simply ABC safe versions.

  • Actually I won’t be surprised to hear if Steph gets a spot on some breakfast radio show in the next twelve months.

  • Sadly, I feel this was coming right from the start, simply based on the timeslot.

    10:30pm on a thursday, sometimes even bumped back because a MOVIE was running long. It’d be one thing if they tried them out with a primetime slot, but ScreenPlay was always in the crappy lateslot.

    TBH I think we’re lucky it lasted as long as it did.

    Still sucks to see video gaming content on TV go away, when TV is already plagued with reality and lifestyle rubbish as is (and they wonder why people stream instead of watch TV)

    • Is that when it was on!!! (I’ve literally only stumbled across one episode halfway through where they were talking about Sea of Theives)

      Trouble with a 10.30 timeslot is that a) young teens probably have a bedtime on school nights so can’t watch it
      2) adults are probably playing games at that time of night so don’t even know it’s on

      A cursory look at TV ratings on any given day will demonstrate that TV ratings fall off a cliff after 9pm in this country

      • It gets bounced about a lot. Last few times I’ve seen it was Saturday night after the AFL (NSW telecast, mileage may vary in other states). Which generally runs late, so it ends up being 11pm or so.

        Same issues of course, but it hasn’t been in a stable timeslot for a while. Rarely a good sign.

    • Actually.. IIRC seven eventually caved for a while and put them at a decent spot… at which point they kept screwing with the time slots anyway…

  • I was wondering about this the other day. Hex was talking on her personal Twitch stream about only working a few days a week now and I wondered how that worked when she was on a TV show, but mostly I was thinking that Miles and Nich seem to be on the youtube channel more than she was lately and maybe they were phasing her out, but I guess if channel 7 are cancelling then that explains a lot. I’m very disappointed, but only because I will miss the segments on youtube/twitch. I tried it on the stupid channel 7 app once or twice but gave up because it was crap quality and hard to cast and that made it unwatchable. Love the youtube/twitch channel content though! 7 should have just done streaming content.

  • Not surprised it was crap

    Barely any reviews, cringe worth segments with rugby teams, way to much e-sports.

  • I remember hearing about this show last year….and I never watched it because I had no idea what channel it was on. I guess watching a gaming show doesn’t really mean much for me when youtube has enough gaming quality content as it is.

  • Steph and Miles guy were fine, but I stopped watching because Nich just came across as a bit of an insufferable PlayStation fanboy. Could have been the reason I stopped watching Good Game too.

  • Honestly the fact ppl were slightly oblivious that 7 actually moved the time slot earlier a few times recently speaks volumes on how much 7 just thought a program like screenplay would be an easy cash grab and just left it out to dry without any advertisement or support.

    Thursday was also a terrible day to choose since thats the day most folks are out.

    Such a shame but honestly the not surprising since everyone was calling it after their first anouncements on time slots last year

  • So they need a gameshow like channel 9’s The Block where teams create a TV pilot on a tiny budget.

  • I only watched their Youtube and Twitch, If they had put all their budget into both YT and Twitch channels and marketed as a Australias gaming show. It may have stood a chance.

  • That’s a shame… Though I was kind of surprised they came back this year act all!
    I only got to watch their YouTube content (which was generally terrific) not the actual show because 7’s streaming sucks. Really wish they’d put full segments on YT…

    • Downvoted my comment for pointing out that the better model for this would be through youtube etc, then comment that youtube is where you found this kind of content…

  • I thought the show was good. It was finding its own form. SevenWest are complete assholes.. first they poach ppl from a successful ABC programme causing it to be shutdown, then kill off the show they poached the ppl for.

    All SevenWest have done is create unemployment.

  • It sucks.

    For me, a well produced TV show is always better than some youtube crap people make in their bedrooms, or something.

    Unfortunately, the reality is that:

    Well produced equals budget.
    Budget looks for sponsors.
    Sponsors want exposure.
    Exposure is free to air.

    I doubt Miles could be flying all over the world going to tournaments, or the Bathurst racetrack could be shut down for a day, on a streamers budget in Aus.

    I dunno. I’m just an older video game enthusiast who hasn’t brought in to so many new mediums I guess. I don’t do things simply because that’s how they are now, but whether or not I like it. A lot of it is shit.

    With screenplay, I went back to watching a show about gaming, first time since Good Game. Now it’s gone, back to nothing. I play them, I’ll talk about them, and that’s it.

    A shame.

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