Civilization 5 Timelapse: 43 AI-Controlled Nations, One Small Map, Domination Victory Only

Place your bets, folks! Will Attila’s armies crush everyone in the early game? Perhaps Gandhi’s nuclear might will wipe the island clean in the end stages? And don’t forget about the Zulu… they can really stomp face when they want to. Honestly, though? I have no idea.

Civilization 6 Madman Builds 34 Wonders In One City

Last month, dadabouin went and did something I've never seen accomplished in Civilization VI before: he built 34 wonders in the one city, arranged in a way that has me thankful Civ VI doesn't have Independence Day's landmark-destroying aliens in its faction lineup.

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In this customised Civ 5 skirmish, orchestrated by AIBattle, all of the game’s nations — that’s 43 at last count — start on a tiny island, separated by the bare minimum of territory.

Domination is the only victory condition and there are no city states.

Poor Venice.

Now, you might think this favours the warmongering civs, which it does to an extent. But this isn’t just the game with DLC — according to the clip’s description, it’s been boosted with mods that “[upgrade the] AI”.

If you can’t be bothered watching the video (come on, it’s only six-and-a-half minutes), then I’ll spoil it for you (highlight the text below):

Only Assyria, The Huns and Greece are left by the six-minute mark, after Greece blitzes the middle to wipe out the Ottomans and Moroccans. Neither The Huns or Assyria are able to capitalise on Greece’s aggression and Alexander is able to destroy them both over the next few years. Greece 42-0.



  • I couldn’t really tell where the “finalists” started on the map. I wondered whether they were edge civilizations or maybe corner ones. Where they didn’t have to deal with attacks from multiple sides. I figured the central ones would be overwhelmed because multiple opposing states would be at them.

    • Yeah the remaining ones are either corner starting or take the corner city quite early.
      Would like to see it on a small map that wraps. I mean you would still get top and bottom benefit but corner position seemed super strong in this

    • Being in the corners helped heaps. The Ottomans took the corner off the Mongols so they had a corner for a while. It looks like it was decided by technology. The Winners had guns while everyone else had crossbows.

      • Which made the Moroccan stand in the centre-bottom remarkable, how long they held out with so much exposure.

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