Community Review: Pillars of Eternity 2

As it turns out, pirate-themed RPGs can be incredibly good value.

That's the gist I've gotten from Nathan and others on my social feeds who have dove into the deep waters of Obsidian's latest cRPG.

It definitely helps if you've played the first game - the opening of Pillars 2 grills you about choices your main character made - although many great quests are standalone without any prerequisite knowledge at all.

Sequels in general tend to hold up better than the originals, especially giant cRPGS like this. Mechanics and systems tend to be a little more refined, engines get a little more detailed, UI's more streamlined.

Also, I like the part where you can actually just refuse outright at the start to go on a grand adventure, which results in the game ending and you being reincarnated as a cat:

The downsides so far seem to be largely what happens with these AA-tier of grand RPGs: the odd broken quest, audio bugs, issues with importing saves, loading times and some performance drops in various areas.

For those who have gone on a little boat ride over the past week, tell us: how have you found Pillars of Eternity 2 so far?


    Delightful! The controls are smoother and I find the story very compelling. However there are more complex systems than the first game and your inventory fills up even faster, so be prepared for spending some time understanding it all.

    I always find it weird when jounos reveal Easter Eggs. Sure it's not really a spoiler but it still ruins a potential surprise unnecessarily.

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