DC Universe Is Giving The Doom Patrol Its Own TV Show, And That’s Incredibly Exciting

DC Universe Is Giving The Doom Patrol Its Own TV Show, And That’s Incredibly Exciting

Cover art for Doom Patrol #6.Image: Nick Derington (DC Comics)

DC Universe has just announced its live-action Titans show, which has yet to premiere, is already getting a spin-off series: Doom Patrol, based on the exceptionally weird superteam.

We knew that Doom Patrol – the quirky supergroup that first appeared in 1963, and is perhaps best known to Teen Titans fans as the group that Beast Boy originated from – would be coming to Titans, with several of the group already cast for guest roles on the show.

Now, Titans showrunner Greg Berlanti will give that same version of the team its own 13-episode spin-off series.

Warner Bros. describes Doom Patrol as being set after the events of Titans; it follows Robotman, Negative Man, Elasti-Girl (not to be confused with The Incredibles‘ Elastigirl) and Crazy Jane as they’re united by the genius Dr. Niles Caulder – a.k.a. The Chief – after gaining freakish superpowers, in order to explore the weirdest and most dangerous phenomena they can find.

In a provided press release, Warner Bros. states that the series will see Cyborg (who has, intriguingly enough, not been cast for Titans yet) offer a mission to the team that they can’t refuse, promising that their lives will never be the same. Well, apart from the bit where they’re going on bizarre adventures … that will probably be the same.

Doom Patrol is set to air on DC Universe in 2019.


  • Yes DC. Keep flailing about trying to see if something sticks and/or is as popular as anything Marvel puts out.

    And before anyone goes “ERMAGAHD MARVEL FANBOI”, I think the DC animated universe > everything. Pre Teen Titans GO/Superhero Girls etc of course.

    • Riiiight… except the DC tv lineup is soaring. Its their cinema lineup that blows.

    • DC is crap but the Grant Morrison run on Doom Patrol is one of the greatest things ever created. Whether this lives up to it, I doubt it but Im interested.

    • Yeah as @weresmurf said the DC tv stuff has been fantastic.
      That’s one of the things I have really wondered about.
      How did DC get their TV stuff so right but their movies so wrong.
      Having said that man I have not been into the second half of this season of Arrow at all.
      But even Greg Berlanti has admitted the Team Arrow split hasn’t worked.
      And Agents of SHIELD has been phenomenal for the last 2 seasons.

      • How? Greg Berlanti. The man is to DCTV what Kevin Feige is to the MCU. Seriously, Berlanti has a passion for DC that they just don’t have on the cinematic side unfortunately for them :\

        • Good point.
          I put him on the same level as Dave Filoni as well.
          And everything he has done for Star Wars.
          But yeah the really do need someone like Greg Berlanti to take control over the movies.
          And to not try rush everything out in a couple of movies like they have done.
          It took Marvel years to get where they are. DC just seem to be ramming everything down our throats hoping it will work.
          Re-reading that I am sure there is some sort of sexual innuendo joke to be had but I can’t be bother changing it. 🙂

          • It’s a good analogy though.

            DCTV took its time. We had Arrow, which established a world that was ‘realistic’ at first. Then we had metas hinted at in an episode. After that, we had Barry Allen get ‘created’, from there, everything spiralled outward in a sort of logical fashion.

            The MCU has been basically the Gold Standard for how to do this on film.

            The DCEU has basically been throwing random poo at a wall and seeing what sticks.


            They should scrap the entire thing and give it to Marvel to reboot. Like Sony gave them Spiderman to redo.

            And while I agree the DC TV universe is…. better than the DCEU…. shows like Arrow have gotten sooooo stale and repetitive. If you don’t believe me, pick a bunch of Arrow episodes across all the seasons and play them in a random order… apart from inclusions of new characters, it feels like it could all be part of one big jumbled messy series. Just the image of their team sitting around discussing stuff and diggle with his arms crossed… ugh not sure I could watch that show again tbh.

          • I watch Arrow every week. The “giving it to Marvel” thing will never happen. It’s like saying Sony should be given Microsoft. It won’t happen. Sony giving the properties was an entirely different situation, entirely different.

            With Arrow, it absolutely got stale for a while, but thankfully Seasons 5 and 6 changed that up. Like all 22 to 23 episode arc shows it has ups and downs up overall seasons 5 and 6 have been highly enjoyable imho. However I also believe the CW DC shows would all benefit from being cut down to 16 episodes each to trim the fat from them all, except Legends which is pretty tight.

      • Agents of Shield definitely has picked up a lot in the last 2 seasons, especially this one. The Arrow split I don’t think was catastrophic but I don’t think worked as they wanted it to. That being said, Season 6 for me is tied as 2nd best at this point with 5. I find Richard Dragon to be a brilliant nemesis so far thanks to Kirk Acevedo.

        • Yeap totally agree on AoS.
          I thought they would struggle to top last season, especially the Framework arc, but they have knocked it out of the park this season.
          Yeah he has definitely turned out to be a much better villain than I expected.
          I still pick season 5 over this season but that’s personal preference.
          It’s not the split so much that has bothered my but they way they have done it. So much of it seems really petty (looking at you Diggle). Also I think it undoes the personal growth they have done for Oiver over the last couple of seasons.
          Anyway, will be interesting to see where they go in the finale and next season.

          • I think for me, Season 5 had a REALLY strong story, but the finale was kind of weak. Adrian was great, but they dropped the ball in the final, around 4 episodes. So upfront great, on the back end kind of weak. The resolution to the Island cliffhanger was also kinda awful.

            Season 6, well, upfront was pretty fun, mid season was great, it had a slight dip (whiney Team B “Oh we got beaten by Oliver and co. let’s spend 4 episodes pouting!”) and these last half dozen episodes have just been full blown adrenaline brilliance. I sincerely put that down to Kirk Acevedo being one of the best, most charismatic action stars we have working today.

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