Dive Into A Mysterious, Brutal Conspiracy In This Look Inside The New Young Terrorists Collection

Nearly three years ago, Black Mask Studios made waves with the brutal, politically-tinged thriller Young Terrorists. Now the complete story is being collected in one package, and we have a look inside.

Meet Sera, the wild anti-hero of Young Terrorists. Image: All Images: Amancay Nahuelpan and Jean-Paul Csuka (Black Mask Studios)

Created by Matt Pizzolo and Amancay Nahuelpan in 2015 before they went on to create the grim dystopian series Calexit for Black Mask, Young Terrorists follows a young woman named Sera who finds herself caught up in a violent conspiracy that sees her abducted for her father's role in a shadowy new world order.

After going through horrendous abuse, Sera finds freedom off the grid, taking on the role of a rebel operative looking to fight back against the surveillance state of a near-future America.

The full series is now being collected together - including an extra story written for Free Comic Book Day 2016 - for a trade release this month, and to celebrate, we have a preview of what you can expect if you've never read the series before. A warning though, as you might expect from a tale about violent conspiracies run amok, it does get a bit NSFW - so be careful where you read!

The Young Terrorists trade paperback is available in comic stores now, ahead of a wider release May 15.


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