Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Is The Best Donkey Kong Country Game

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is out on the Nintendo Switch on Friday. I got to play it a little bit early. Well, I mean, I played it in 2014, on the Wii U. I played it until the wheels fell off! This week, I played it again. It’s the same game, which is good, because it’s a good game. I made a video in which I talk about how good a game it is.

In this video, I tell you about why I like the game. I make some dumb jokes. I talk about Funky Mode. I consider whether or not Funky Kong is a Donkey Narc. I discuss a murder mystery. And at some point, you’ll join me on the streets of New York while I wear a terrible T-shirt in public and tell you a story.

Personally, I consider Tropical Freeze the best Donkey Kong Country game. The co-op is great and the levels are clever. It’s just a big loud party of a video game. If I had to list any negatives, it’d be that the game’s education value needs work. We learned how to spell “K-O-N-G,” like, literally decades ago.


  • DKC2 on the SNES says hi.

    It controls about 100 times better, has a better sense of speed and much more varied bonus rounds. The music is untouchable too.

    Oh, and the kremlings have more charm than the tropical freeze enemies.

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