Dragon Ball FighterZ’s Best Player Keeps Getting Better

Dragon Ball FighterZ’s Best Player Keeps Getting Better

Screenshot: Dragon Ball FighterZ (Bandai Namco)

Fighters are gearing up for the coming season of major Dragon Ball FighterZ events, and few look as fearsome as Goichi “Go1” Kishida.

The season of fighting game majors is almost upon us, and FighterZ competitors will go through the gauntlet, from Combo Breaker and the Summit of Power through to CEO and Evo 2018.

To get a feel for where everyone’s power levels are at right now, Goichi played a first-to-10 set last night against Teemo, as the marquee match of the Canada Cup master series 2018 event in Calgary. If you were wondering whether Goichi was still the man to beat in Dragon Ball FighterZ, he gave a pretty convincing answer.

Since he’s swapped out his usual Adult Gohan for Bardock thanks to the recent patch changes, Goichi’s play is a tad more aggressive. Bardock is an all-out attacker, and teamed up with the incredibly versatile Cell and Vegeta’s flurry of knees and blasts, Goichi’s trio can put on some oppressive sessions of offence.

Goichi put on some highlight-worthy series of attacks, and each one showed some impressive game knowledge. In one moment, he goes over the head of his opponent, hitting him from an odd angle, then vanishes back to the other side to hit him again, opening Teemo up for another combo.

Goichi’s defence is the stuff of legends, and it was certainly on-point during the series. As the win count went higher, with Teemo taking one game to Goichi’s seven, a Cell vs. Cell mirror-match put Goichi on a pixel’s worth of health.

While the defence isn’t the main focus here — it’s solid, but nothing extraordinary for someone like Goichi — the patience to wait and watch for the opening is impressive. Most players would panic on so little health and start fishing for openings, leaving themselves wide open for that one hit to end the round. Here, Goichi bides his time and then, in the right moment, blasts Teemo with a super to turn the tables and take win number eight.

The set ended 10-1 in Goichi’s favour, a resounding win. Teemo is no slouch; he has a first-place finish at Michigan Masters to his name, and he was in the running for a spot at the Summit of Power. What this set shows is that not only is the gap between Goichi and everyone else huge, it could get even wider.

During the last game of the set, Goichi even showcased some new techniques that have been bouncing around on social media. He cancelled a ki blast, a projectile attack, into another hit just to add a little more damage on the standard Vegeta combo.

Just a little more damage than normal, but a message was sent: Goichi is not resting on his laurels. The best player in the world is still getting better.


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