What's Your Predictions For E3 2018?

We're just over a week away from the annual marathon of announcements. A few are out already: Fallout 76, Team Sonic Racing, RAGE 2 and Pokemon: Let's Go! in the last fortnight alone. But what else do you think we'll see?

Here's some of the things that we'll know ahead of time:

  • Smash on the Switch: Nintendo has already announced it, so we should get some footage of what it looks like in action.
  • The Last of Us Part Two: Naughty Dog skipped E3 last year, and it should get top billing this
  • Anthem: This should be a major highlight of EA's conference. It's still a long way away, but it'd be nice to see how the actual world of Anthem is connected.
  • Death Stranding: Sony will either lead or end with this, I think.
  • Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Square's holding a conference the first time in ages, and this will be one of their tentpole games.
  • Final Fantasy 7: Which will also be followed by this. Super keen.
  • FromSoftware's next game: We've heard bugger all about this so far, so I'm expecting to know a little more in a couple of weeks. Quietly, I reckon this will be the surprise of the show.

What are you expecting to see this year, and what are you most excited for?

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The annual ritual is almost upon us. waking up at ungodly hours, rugging up in a blanket and slamming several coffees until the hype kicks in. Welcome to E3 2018.

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    Various large developers marketing "No Lootboxes" as if it's an amazing new feature, just like they did for dedicated servers a few years earlier.

    Mario Party, and hopefully a new IP out of Bethesda

      I think Fallout 76 really minimises a new IP from Bethesda now. It would be a big surprise. Anythings possible, but it weakens the chances of a new IP like Starfield being announced.

        They've apparently said this will be their longest presentation ever. I reckon (hope) that means more than one announcement.

          Two announcements already, I doubt there will be a third. Don't forget, they announced Rage 2 a couple of weeks back.

          If there is, its Starfield, which all the rumors suggest has been in development for 2-3 years, but an interview in March stated very clearly that they were only working on 2 games at the moment.

          As I said elsewhere, FO76 just confuses so much, and throws a lot of expectations away.

          I hope theres more, but the "2 games in development" statement in March really suggests otherwise.

            Bugger. Yes, I had forgotten Rage 2... mainly because I was so underwhelmed by Rage (as opposed to being overwhelmed by rage).

            Hopefully their March statement was being sneaky and Starfield is still a thing, as I would play the crap out of it.

              Actually Rage 2 is developed by Avalanche and id, not Bethesda Game Studios (who make Fallout, Elder Scrolls and apparently Starfield). And it was Bethesda Game Studios who said they have 2 big games in development before Elder Scrolls 6. So that probably means Fallout 76 and Starfield, although who knows when they will show it.

    I'm thinking: disappointment.

    Bioware: releasing what seems to be a Destiny clone, instead of a great single player with optional multiplayer experience.

    Bethesda: releasing what seems to be a Rust/DayZ clone, instead of a great single player (with optional multiplayer?) experience.

    Since lootboxes are a no-no, but the big publishers are all about using exploitative tactics to extract as much profit as possible while giving worse game experience (eg tedious grinding so that you feel pressure to spend to alleviate it), I'm thinking the golden age of AAA single player experiences is past, and all I have to look forward to are sandbox online titles with "micro" (hah!) transactions..

    Hopefully, I am proven wrong and can have some nice games to look forward to from my favorite companies.

    I'm actually super keen for the new Mortal Kombat to be announced. I'm not a big fighting game fan at all but I have a big soft spot for MK. We ought to see it at E3 if Netherrealm sticks to their usual schedule.

    I'm expecting enough BR bandwagoning to kill me if I tried a drinking game around it.

    Industry response - words AND actions - to criticism about monetization and player exploitation in general has me incredibly pessimistic about everything.

    It's dampening my excitement for most things, the way anticipation of a nice restaurant meal would be dampened by the knowledge that there'll probably be rabbit turds hidden in it. Every potentially exciting announcement is going to have to be met with intense scrutiny to figure out exactly how the publisher is planning on fucking us before I can actually start getting properly excited.

    Good gaming shouldn't have to come with this level of suspicion, but I strongly suspect this year's E3 course was charted too early to learn from God of War's uncommonly consumer-friendly example.

    I've read a rumour, more than likely fake, that Bethesda is doing a HD remake/remaster of Morrowind. I want it to be true but I'm sure it's not.
    I'm just looking forward to the Bethesda conference in general.

    Otherwise, can't wait to see more of Last of Us 2. Maybe a release date?

    Some of my predictions:
    - A new and less obvious replacement for loot boxes will start presenting itself.
    - The FROM Software teaser will end up being a new Metal Wolf Chaos game. Ah who am I kidding? I will give someone else's firstborn for it to be a Tenchu reboot.
    - We will see the same footage of up and coming games as we have seen in the past few months or previous game shows.
    - Nintendo will announce the next Labo product, a Switch made entirely out of cardboard.
    - Eitr will finally get a release date.
    - Squeenix will announce even more changes and content for Final Fantasy XV. (Outside of the upcoming DLC stories)
    - At least one of the upcoming, non-Smash, fighting games will be mentioned in a Press conference.
    - At least 10 new Battle Royale games will be announced.

      Given that Trump is US president Metal Wolf Chaos is the logical outcome!

    Successor to PS Vita with Persona 5 Scarlet, Gravity Rush 3 and Uncharted as launch titles.

    Halo 6 tease for investors
    Some new rubbish peripheral
    BR everywhere
    New Bethesda IP
    RDR2 details (though I have a bad feeling)
    Forza Horizon 4

    Life Is Strange season 2
    It's about time we get some news on it

    Hoping we'll see some Metroid Prime 4 in game footage, a release date this year would be even better.

    A proper release date for Kingdom Hearts is pretty likely.

    i think we'll finally see a tiny snippet of Death Stranding gameplay and learn what type of game it is (all we know is it's a shooter and it has online functions?), but no release date of any kind.

    Microsoft will have a lots of exclusives to show off because if they don't show enough they are screwed, Halo 6 will almost certainly get a vague teaser trailer.

    Sony will either start or finish their conference with last of us, and a Early 2019 release date.

    Nintendo will focus mainly on smash, but my super out there call is a new F-Zero (please nintendo).

    Someone will self-combust live on stream while worshipping the devil.

      There was a leak a few weeks ago that suggested Nintendo were going to announce a Starfox racing game. A new F-Zero would be cool but I suspect if the leak proves accurate, that'll be the main racing type game we'll see from Nintendo, short of maybe getting some footage of the recently announced Mario Kart mobile game but I wouldn't expect to see anything on that until closer to the end of the year.

      "Someone will self-combust live on stream while worshipping the devil."

      Considering that Devolver Digital are doing their own show again, that isn't actually as impossible as it sounds :p

    I'd swap out Final Fantasy 7 for Kingdom Hearts 3 and then agree with you Alex.
    Also expect we'll see a new Mortal Kombat as Ed Boon has been teasing it recently and surely it's about time we finally see whatever the fuck Rocksteady is working on this year right?

    Nobody mentions loot boxes...even to say that their game will not have loot boxes.
    Everyone will just shuffle their feet and pretend like that money grabbing trend didn't happen.

    Red Dead Redemption 2... delayed.

    Won’t be one of the big announcements if it happens, but hoping for a new trials game.

    A Massive Chalice or Broken Age sequel I'm hoping. Why waste an engine!

    Obvious The Last Night news!

    Endlaved Odyssey to the West Remaster! But a remake would be even better!

    A new No Man's Sky style game from some well known studio (that we haven't got wind of yet)

    That's all I can think of atm... fingers crossed!

    A lot of DLC to try to retain the playerbase of games that I enjoyed playing through months ago, and have no desire to go back to. A lot of new IP and sequels with a BR mode shoehorned in for no particular reason. EA pulls all loot boxes from Anthem, and manages to make a decent game... Okay, that one's a little too far-fetched.

    I like to think of the unexpected so I hope Nintendo releases a follow up to the Wii Fit and animal crossing that will tie in to the mobile app similar to the newly announced Pokemon game having a connection to Pokemon Go. I'd also like Sony to apologise for not making a follow up to Spice girls on playstation

    I'm expecting another WiiU game being ported to the Switch, maybe Super Mario 3D World to tie it in with the Captain Toad port.

    Hate to be that guy but 'what are your predictions' :P

    If Nintendo are in a position to provide a snippet of gameplay from next year's Pokemon then I expect we will see it as the let's go versions are somewhat divisive.

    I'd like to see a confirmed release of persona 4 remastered, there's been some news to that effect but nothing concrete yet.

    I'd also love to see something of a more traditional story driven rpg announced, not particularly fussed by whom.

    My overall prediction however is that this year feels like it could be a tepid affair on most fronts. A few folk have mentioned DLC announcement which rarely get much on the way of a reaction, I expect this will happen and that the reaction will be underwhelming. Nintendo will raise a few eyebrows, there will be a retread on a lot of the titles announced last year that are closer to release and we will be seeing a new Assassins Creed game announced followed by Aisha Tyler providing the internet with meme fuel for a week or two.

      If you hadn't been that guy I would have been :). Alternatively you could go with 'What's your prediction' (singular) if you only wanted one prediction from each poster :p

    Everyone will be looking to CD Projekt Red for a major update on Cyberpunk 2077.

    Instead, they'll announce a Gwent expansion, and security will escort them from the building.

    I really REALLY want a new TES. Just drip feed me some lore I am dying! FO76 is interesting but I hope it doesn't destroy the chance of another TES anytime soon...

    Fallout 76 seems 2-3years late, back when RUST was all the rage. I also suspect its going to have 'paid DLC' all through it, basically loot boxes but renamed as to avoid media rampage about all that.

      My pessimistic nightmare is they say, "No mods for FO76 because competitive online, but we will do something very similar by way of Creation Club mini-DLC."

    It will be bad; many people will pretend it's not bad; nothing good will come of it - these games already exist and will be released eventually; people will once again turn a blind eye to the absolute shittery and bastard-feeding of this industry so that they can participate in the only kind of orgy accepting of them: an advertising chum bucket.

    Breath of the Wild 2 will be announced.

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