Eromanga Sensei Comes To Eromanga Island 

Image: Creative Commons, ©2016 Tsukasa Fushimi/KADOKAWA CORPORATION AMW/EMP

In Japanese, the island of Erromango is "Eromangatou" (エロマンガ島), or "Eromanga Island." The words "ero" (エロ) and "manga" (マンガ) are clearly visible, while the kanji 島 (shima or tou) means "island".

This is why one man, it seems, decided to visit and bring ero-manga themed comics to show the locals.

Namely, as Hachima reports, copies of Eromanga Sensei. Twitter user Kelog21 brought several copies to share.

And left some copies on Erromango.

As well as banners for the guest house.


    For our junior readers, and those that don't read Japanese, Erromango is a teeny tiny island in Vanuatu archipelago (that's a long word isn't it!).

    Strangely the island is nowhere near Japan, so I'm guessing the "one man" in question and wanting his 15 minutes (on Kotaku), Googled places that that "manga" in it or similar. Or maybe he was already on hols in Vanuatu and decided to gift the locals?

    Yep, more hard-hitting, need to know, investigative journalism from Mr B. Ashcraft.

      You may be on the wrong site, Huffington Post Senior Editor Alana Horowitz.

    I genuinely chuckled at this. It's the maximum re-posts and minimum effort that's grinds my gears, not the topics covered.

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