Everything We Know About Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4

Today at an event in Los Angeles, developer Treyarch put on a show to reveal new info about Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, which will be out October 12 for PC (on Battle.net), PS4, and Xbox One. Seems like this will be a break from traditional Call of Duty in a whole lot of ways, as we expected.

At the event, Treyarch confirmed that the fourth Black Ops will not have a campaign. Instead, the studio describes Black Ops 4 as having three pillars: multiplayer, zombies, and Blackout, the new battle royale mode that marks Call of Duty's first foray into the world of Fortnite and PUBG.

"Black Ops 4 doesn't have a traditional campaign," said Treyarch boss Mark Lamia. "We're weaving narrative into each of the modes."

As we saw in the game's "multiplayer reveal" trailer, there are health bars (!) and health regeneration won't be automatic. Instead, you'll have to heal yourself - or rely on Crash, a medic who can restore other players' health, hero-shooter-style. Watch the trailer here:

It looks a whole lot like Overwatch, which is why it was interesting to see the Overwatch team make an appearance in a pre-recorded video, played during the event, to talk about how Blizzard worked with Treyarch to get Black Ops 4 on Battle.net for PC.

There will be no thrust jumping or wall running, a major shift from other recent futuristic Call of Dutys like Black Ops III and Advanced Warfare, which were disliked among some fans.

Zombies mode will also look significantly different, with a whole bunch of custom options and modes as well as what appear to be mini-campaigns with a variety of tones. There's one in a gladiator arena and another on a cruise ship that appears to be the Titanic, and it's all very confusing. Here are all the trailers:


    All that black solid in the UI. Who the heck thought that was a good idea?

    Im still not feeling it. I need to see BR footage. It concerns me that they show none.
    I also cant un-see the underwater physics when the guy is dead and drops to the floor. Come on guys you spend soooo much money on this and that slips through on your launch video.

    This has killed token prices on WoW already. Hitting max inflation rates per hour, EU tokens sold out.

    Will be interesting to see what happens to them in a week or two...if it settles back to where it was or remains higher.

      World of Warcraft has game Tokens which can be redeemed for your monthly game subscription or for $17 battle net currency.

      Tokens are bought/sold between players through the auction house. Essentially 1 player buys the token with real money ($20) and gets gold at the market rate. A second player then comes along and pays the market rate in gold to buy the token.

      The market rate works on a supply vs demand model with changes being limited to 2.95% of the total per hour to smooth out any rapid jumps etc.

      I've played WoW for the last 2 years and haven't paid a cent beyond the initial cost of the game because I use in game gold to buy my monthly sub.

      Now this relates to CoD because Blizzard-Activision has started adding games to the battle net store that aren't just Blizzard games. Destiny 2 was added first and now the new CoD has popped up.

      People can buy tokens with their in game gold, convert it to battle net currency and buy CoD. Due to this the market has suddenly gone nuts with the US region sitting at max inflation per hour and the EU did the same until they sold out.

        To earn enough gold to pay for a token you need to play an asinine amount of World of Warcraft.

        Aren't they like 200k?

          at the moment, yes they are 200k, however has become extremely easy to come by since WoD with the mission table system. each character you get to max level has a mission table that allows you send followers out on mission that bring back rewards (gold, follower gear, quests for raid gear etc). On its own, one character wont make much, but get 10 or more and you start swimming in gold. and the missions can be sent and recieved on your phone as well so you dont neeed to be at your pc 24/7

            I am aware. I played Legion.

            I just don't view micro-managing a mobile app with 10+ characters on gold making missions every single day as "playing a video game".

          200k is nothing, easy to get that and more each month with little effort.

    The influx of BR games should be a concern for everyone in the OC region. Every BR game that comes out will fracture the player base, and unfortunately with the OC region's lower population, it's likely that BR games will struggle to fill server's. This is already becoming in PUBG match making for OC FPP, where servers can sometimes take 10-15 minutes to fill. Keep fracturing the player base and BR games will be unable to fill servers in OC rendering the genre dead in this region.

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