Fans Turn Darling In The Franxx's Tender Scene Into Dub Fiasco

Darling In The Franxx fans are remixing a touching scene from the latest episode into an internet joke that made me laugh so hard I cried.

At the end of the latest episode of horny mech anime Darling In The Franxx, Hiro and Zero Two finally get to have a heartfelt conversation that the show has been building up to. It's touching, and a perfect way to leave things before the show takes a short hiatus.

Despite how earnest this moment is, fans also noticed that the mouth movements for Zero Two and Hiro are easy to manipulate to make them look as though they're saying other things. Such as quoting the internet ancient "Dog of Wisdom" video:

People have run with this. I have no idea why, but it makes me laugh to the point of tears. There's something about Zero Two's giant puppy dog eyes that just get me. I legitimately wiped tears from my eyes after watching this:

I could spend all day watching variations on this joke. When is someone going to make Zero Two and Hiro say Tim Rogers' famous sign off, though? They may have been born stupid, however, they will not die hungry.

YouTuber Connor Brownlee couldn't decide on what to remix this clip to, so they made a two minute video of everything they could think of. Enjoy:


    I do not understand why you refer to darling in the franxx as a horny mech anime

      Did you watch the anime?

      It is literally about kids going adolescent and learning about the other gender. They become conscious/curious about the other gender. Not to mention literally doggy style mech riding.

      But that does not stop the anime to be great. The latest episode 2 weeks ago was so great that it blew the watchers mind lol. Last week was a recap + interview so latest episode was 2 weeks ago and a new one coming today.

        I know that it is focused on teens going threw relationships but it just doesn't seem sexual enough to be could horny

          With the amount of fan services, pretty horny lol.

          horny! of course, she has two of them on her head.
          Gets wierder when you see the the Elite pilots, have different seating positions.

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