Fortnite Is Getting An Avengers: Infinity War Crossover

Fortnite's next big limited event will feature a Marvel villain that will change the way the game works. Here's what to expect.

Starting tomorrow, Thanos will make an appearance in Fortnite. According to Entertainment Weekly, the mode will still feature one hundred people vying for the number one spot, except there will also be an Infinity Gauntlet in play. Whoever finds the Gauntlet on the map will transform into Thanos.

We don't yet know what abilities this will confer upon the player, but it's bound to be wild - the announcement states that whoever turns into Thanos will wield "all the power that comes with him".

In the past, Fortnite's limited events have included 50 vs 50 and legendary-only weapons. This is the first time the game has tried its hand at showing branded content to the player.


    Maybe this will be the 99 v 1 mode I wanted :)

    Gotta hand it to Epic - they are going to make a lot of money from this sucker. It's almost the perfect vehicle for short-term crossovers.

      In the process, they're differentiating themselves from PUBG more and more as well. There's been some very good common sense decision making with Epic and Fortnite.

        Struggling to find a tweet I saw this morning with the Fortnite/Infinity War promo, followed by a picture of the PUBG box art disintegrating/fading...

        Meanwhile PUBG is like "hey guys here's a new paid loot crate."

    No skin unfortunately. I hope they sell the Thanos skin though.

    So 50% of remaining players die at random intervals?

      Gotta find them stones first though. Commence the scavenger hunt.

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