Fortnite Just Got A 'Fork Knife' Food Truck

Fortnite now has a reference to its ubiquitous nickname in the game. Honestly, this was inevitable.

The teens just can't stop calling the battle royale game Fortnite "Fork Knife." It's funny, it's led to some good tweets, and I can't get it out of my head. Epic has now stuck a reference to it in the game, in the form of a food truck. We found this one in Retail Row.

I was basically counting down the days until something like this happened. While I'd prefer it if they just renamed the game, this'll do.


    This game should be a case study for how to interact with your community. They've nailed it over and over again.

      Well said. Whats amazing is that it feels they've nailed it every time. Someone there deserves a payrise for how well they've dealt with the community.

        Pretty sure they're all getting pay rises by the amount of money they make across all platforms

          Good point. The person that manages to get something like the fork-knife nickname into an ingame asset (more specifically, the person that made the process seemingly simple) deserves special mention though. Its these little things that keeps players entertained and returning.

          And they keep doing it time after time. Even a heavily branded event like the Thanos event, which would have taken a lot of work to even get up and running, let alone timed to co-incide with Infinity War, was done in such a way that I haven't seen a negative comment about it yet.

          And clearly feeding into whatever happens next. As @damian says below, their community game is on point.

      Community game is on point. They have excellent awareness and engagement.

      Noclip Podcast last night had the creator of Steamspy... did not know he is an analyst for epic games. So guessing thay has a lot to do with their good trend and community decision making.

    Haha - that's both smart and funny. Now I need an emote with a fork and knife. :)

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