Fortnite Tournaments Are About To Get A $131.8 Million Boost

Sometimes to solve a problem, you throw money at it. And to make Fortnite stick as an esport, Epic is throwing a lot of money around.

The makers of the Unreal Engine, Unreal Tournament and Fortnite announced in a short post that the company would be ponying up $US100 million (approx. $131.8 million) over 2018-19 to fund Fortnite's esports ambitions.

In the 2018 - 2019 season, Epic Games will provide $US100,000,000 to fund prize pools for Fortnite competitions. We’re getting behind competitive play in a big way, but our approach will be different - we plan to be more inclusive, and focused on the joy of playing and watching the game.

First of all: it's a ludicrous amount of money. $US100 million is more money than some publishers spend on developing a AAA game. But that's what happens when you tap into mainstream success, and it shows just how successful Fortnite has been.

It also makes you wonder just how far and wide Epic will spread the love. Part of the beauty of a game like this is that it springs up communities all around the world, but offering developer-level support to those communities requires plenty of staff, lots of man hours, and plenty of admin management. Will there be a grants or licensing program? Will Epic go the Overwatch or League route with franchised and a sanctioned league? Or will it adopt the CS:GO model, where Epic lets third-party organisations handle the running of the tournament scene?

The company has announced little so far, but they did very specifically mention "in the weeks ahead". Which sounds an awful lot like E3, if you think about it.


    Its a ludicrous amount of money... compared to what? Their daily earnings???

    Golden Goose lays giant gold egg. Small part of egg is reinvested back into well-being of Golden Goose. More golden eggs laid in future. Seems logical.

    It's fucking staggering how successful this direct copy, plus its own original mechanics, of another game has been.

      We're in a world where Fortnite is listed first, and then PUBG afterwards, when it comes to talking about Battle Royale genres. I understand the compulsion to mention that Fortnite took heavy inspiration from a flawed execution of a compelling idea, but where does that buck stop? The Hunger Games? The film Battle Royale before it? Does every other military shooter that laid the groundwork get credit too?

      Do you call the iPhone a direct copy, plus its own original mechanics, of the mobile phone? Hopefully not, because to do so would be extremely reductionist, bordering on flat-out incorrect.

      I think it's time to unshackle Fortnite from PUBG. When looking back, it's going to be like The Beatles vs The Monkees, I guarantee it. Let's not forget the interesting story of where it came from, but let's give it the credit it deserves as a wholly deserved success story. PUBG's draft may have laid the groundwork, but it's Epic's continued hard work and creativity that elevates Fortnite to singular heights.

      Sorry if it seems like a weird thing to call you out on, but every single Fortnite article has a comment like this on it and it's starting to grate.

        I read maybe half of this.
        And your end comment.
        It is a weird thing to give me an entire paragraph on. You'll survive.

          Nothing more disheartening than someone wearing a "TL:DR" like a badge of honour.

      PUBG is pretty close to a direct copy, plus a few original mechanics, of predecessors like Minecraft's Survival Games mods. These kinds of lineages happen all the time, it's not a bad idea to iterate on ideas or we'd never have gotten the FPS genre past stuff like Wolfenstein and Doom.

      If anything is staggering really, it's how Brendan Greene has seemingly managed to convince everyone that PUBG is at all original.

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