Fortnite's Shopping Carts Are Live And Here's How They Work

After a months-long debate over whether Fortnite needs vehicles, publisher Epic Games decided to roll up and smoke players' Reddit comments and add in a shopping cart.

Patch 4.3 brought Fortnite's first vehicle to the game and it's a total blast. The cart can be pushed and ridden, depending on where you're standing in relation to it.

It's great in duos, since one player can shoot out the side while another pushes.

In solo mode, the cart is still an alright way to get around, but better if you have air from a constructed ramp or a hill. Don't let it get away from you, though:

Patch 4.3 also added in a new consummable, mushrooms, which grant 5 shield, and brought back Blitz and Teams of 20 modes.


    Looks fun. I don't think its a huge stretch to add in skateboards and scooters though, they'd operate at a similar speed method. Seeing a squad on skateboards and scooters come over the crest of a hill would be something to see.

    Or space-hoppers.

    Mushrooms that give you a stat boost?

    I guess this game just got banned in Aus.

    Watching the cart roll away... I can't wait to watch youtubers load them up with C4 and roll them into enemy forts. Or somehow managing to rocket ride one.

    Please tell me it pulled to the right on its own xD

    If they added in skateboards and roller-blades, then I'd be impressed. I don't even like/play the game

    Shopping carts is great, now all they need is a powered vehicle like a little fat person scooter like they have at american supermarkets, thats slower than the shopping cart

    Just to keep with the sort of fortnite fun jokish theme going on with the vehicles

    Little powered electric granny cart plodding along as somone zooms by on a shopping cart

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