Players Are Using God Of War's Photo Mode To Turn Kratos Into A Goofball

Finally, Kratos can crack a big smile.

Screenshot: NotHain

The new photo mode for God of War dropped yesterday, and players are having a blast with it. You can change Kratos and Atreus's facial expressions with it, which players are using to their full advantage:

It's nice to see those two enjoy themselves for once! Players aren't just using this mode for selfies, though. One even took this gorgeous panorama of an action scene using the photo mode:

Others are content to snap shots of the game's beautiful scenery. Looking at these makes me want to take a trip to the mountains, and also to finally finish God of War.

Screenshot: Julian DeMassey

Screenshot: Namitokiwa

Screenshot: Gatirosho

Screenshot: Leonhart30

Screenshot: SkallEdit

Screenshot: Xeliot


    More games need this as a feature.

      FFG15 use of it impacted the goddam ending. Not in a massive way, but in a 'that's a nice touch' kind of way, and it definitely made the whole experience feel more engaging due how they did it.

    I know what I'll be doing for at least a couple of hours this weekend.

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