Good Morning, Here's 20 Minutes From Code Vein

Good morning. Need more anime-style Souls games in your life? Then I'm happy to help.

Just over 20 minutes of footage was uploaded from YouTuber Oroboro over the weekend, sans commentary. The footage contains a peek at the full control scheme (6 seconds in), showing the ability to drain foes, combo draining, separate dodge and quickstep buttons, and something called a "focused" launch attack.

The footage shows off some general exploration, a boss fight, fights against trash mobs, and a peek into the all-important weapon stats:

For those keeping count, you can get 9 strikes of the faster swords before your stamina expires.

Code Vein is due for release on PC, PS4 and Xbox One some time this year.


    I got sufficiently destroyed when I played some of this at PAX last year. This scrub might wait for a sale!


    I'm really hoping this turns out at least as good as The Surge or Nioh. I don't ask for much in a souls-like. (I save my unrealistic expectations for FROM.)

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