Good Morning, Star Wars: Episode 1 Racer Is Back

Image: GOG

After being teased through Twitter, GOG has re-released one of the best Star Wars games of all time - and you don't have to muck around with cracks or compatibility tweaks to get it to work.

The Star Wars prequels are maligned for good reason, but the original episode always had one redeeming feature: pod racing. And it was through that gamers got the best element out of the prequels, the outstanding Star Wars: Episode 1 Racer, which everyone just calls Pod Racer.

A Tribute To Star Wars Episode I: Racer

Briefly. Star Wars Episode I. Racer was one of the better things that came out of 1999's The Phantom Menace, and Mon Gazza Speedway was one of its best tracks. While there's no new podracing game on the horizon, Victor Lammert's cool tribute is a really close match to a shot from an imagined modern version.

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Pod Racer has been playable on modern systems for a while, provided you had the discs lying around and the requisite patience to screw around with crashes to desktop and the nightmare of compatibility settings. GOG's release fixes all that, although it's recommended that you launch the video options first and set your in-game resolution to match your desktop resolution.

The models scale pretty well. The UI? Not so much. But hey, it works.

Pod Racer is available here for just over $11, which a younger me would gone bonkers for. It ships with joystick and controller support, although if you want to go oldschool you can race with a keyboard. Makes for a perfect game to play on the plane or train, actually.


    Side note: I think it's just GOG for everything now. They dropped the "Good Old Games" moniker as it confused customers.

    Ironically it makes perfect sense here :)

    All these 64-era games have always just looked wrong to me running in hi-res with all these sharp edges on the polygons. Someone plug it into a CRT and blur it up a bit. Or at least smear some vaseline on the monitor.

    It ships with joystick and controller support, although if you want to go oldschool you can race with a keyboard.

    Um, I played this game with a joystick when it released. What is there about using a joystick that's not old school?!

    Amazing how well the gameplay holds up. It's the tight courses and plentiful obstacles, you're always moving and it feels like you're going fast. I'm definitely gonna have to invest in this game for my N64 again though...why did I ever give it away?

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