Grab Tropico 5 And All The DLC For $US5

If ruling the island nation of Tropico sounds like a good time, here's a solid deal on Tropico 5 Complete Collection.

Fanatical has the complete edition for $US5 until tomorrow evening. The collection has all 12 DLCs along with the base game, which now has co-op and competitive multiplayer.

Tropico 5 will run just fine on integrated graphics as well, so it's handy if you want to kickstart your despot dynasty on the go. For more information, head here.

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    never heard of the website before... interesting, time to do some research

      You might have heard of them as "Bundle Stars". They rebranded to Fanatical last year.

        nope doesn't ring a bell and it doesn't seem like i have an account with them.

        that said they are reputable so huzzah for adding another website onto my bookmarks haha

    IMHO: Tropico 5 is not as good as 4

    But,... for US$5- that is a lot of gaming if you are a fan of the series.

    Some of the music is the best game music I’ve heard. That Cuban brass!

      I used to play the Tropico 4 soundtrack at my cocktail parties!!

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