Grab XCOM 2 For $21

Image: XCOM 2 / Firaxis

It's just the base game, but the base XCOM 2 is still a cracker of a strategy game. And until early tomorrow, you can grab it for just under $21.

Digital marketplace Green Man Gaming are having an anniversary of sorts, celebrating the only way marketplaces know how: with sales. Part of the promotion includes flash sales every eight hours and highlighted games every day.

XCOM 2 is the current 24 hour deal, meaning that everyone has until early tomorrow morning to jump on board. Using the GMGBDAY code, you can grab XCOM 2 for $US15.84 ($20.95), which is pretty close to the game's lowest price historically.

XCOM 2 Now Has A Co-Op Mod

If, like me, you're not at PAX Aus and wondering what you were going to do with your Sunday, it's time to fire up XCOM 2 with a mate and get alien-slaying. Team Dragonpunk has just released its "Tactical Co-Op" mod for the game and while it's technically a beta, it's good enough to have fun with.

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Jumping on XCOM 2 now means you also avoid the litany of bugs and performance issues that plagued the game at launch. Of course, you still have to deal with the game's notorious RNG element. As one player put it, 99% is not a 100% chance of success. You might still fail regardless.

Be prepared, soldier. Also, head to GMG for more info.


    Worth it. This game did poorly early on, extremely under-baked on release. Once they had a year of patches behind them it was fantastic (liked it better than Enemy Unknown).

    Can also be had on console at JB in their 2 for $40 deal.

    Any 2k game is a bug haven. Great game though, but that's in spite of how it runs.

    The code sadly doesn't work for the DLC

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