Here Are Overwatch's New Anniversary Skins

Overwatch's Doomfist

Overwatch's two-year anniversary event is now live, and Doomfist is actually lookin' pretty good right about now.

Some of the best skins yet came out overnight - namely Orisa's, Brigitte's and, as previously discussed, Symmetra's. It also brought what is, in my opinion, a pretty bad skin, too.

Overwatch's McCree

Overwatch's Brigitte

Overwatch's Bastion

Overwatch's Doomfist

Overwatch's Symmetra

Overwatch's Torbjorn

And, welp, they gave Junkrat dreads:

Overwatch's Junkrat

Along with the new skins and a few returning old ones, Overwatch just got a new deathmatch map called Petra that looks gorgeous. You can check out all the patch notes here.


    The only one I like is the McCree one. then again I didnt think much of last years anniversary skins either.

    I need that Brigitte skin!! Getting a Vikings shield maiden vibe.

    Brigitte and Orisa's are pretty nice I thought.

    Man, doomfist would look great if he didn't have to be sewn into that jacket. Poor fella has WoW syndrome.

    Junkrat and McRee look pretty good.

    3000 points or whatever is SO many though

    They look pretty great, except Junkrat. Though he looks pretty good from the hairline down.

    The designers really outdid themselves this time around!

    Absolutely loving all these skins, but especially Forest Spirit Orisa, Shieldmaiden Brigitte and Captain Junk Sparrow! :D

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