Here's 20 Minutes From Jurassic World: Evolution

Waiting eagerly for the chance to lead park guests through a maze that ends at a cage of dinosaurs? Don't worry, Jurassic World: Evolution is coming. Here's the first 20 20 minutes of the game.

IGN has uploaded first 20 minutes of Jurassic Park: Evolution, which covers the incubating of dinosaurs, an initial choice of contracts, the extraction of fossils and genome collecting, as well as the UI and camera controls.

Also, you get to fly and shoot tranquilliser darts from a helicopter.

From around 9 minutes in rain starts to fall, which offers a nice effect when coupled with the wind and the swaying grass. The UI is a little slicker than Planet Coaster, although some of the neat quality-of-life features are there, like the pathbuilding system.

Jurassic World: Evolution is due out June 13.


    Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis came out 15 odd years ago and is essentially the same thing. Am I missing something or is this just a reboot for a new generation and us oldies are going to be left disappointed?

    This looks like it is operation genesis with pretty graphics
    This is a very good thing
    All aboard the hype train choo choo

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