Here’s Almost An Hour Of Vampyr, Where You Play A Vampire Doctor

Here’s Almost An Hour Of Vampyr, Where You Play A Vampire Doctor
Image: Focus Home Interactive / Twitch

Despite its flaws, I quite enjoyed Dontnod’s Remember Me and while I have yet to dive into Life Is Strange, I am keen to check out its follow-up, Vampyr. If the name hasn’t sold you, well, how about some gameplay instead?

Vampyr is no Dr Acula (which is probably a good thing), but what it lacks in corny jokes it makes up for in juxtaposition.

As local distributor Five Star Games explains:

This gameplay, taken from around six hours into the story, showing off several of the deep systems that make up Vampyr’s citizen and district ecosystems. Players are free to kill (or spare) any and all of London’s citizens and use their blood to evolve deadly new powers.

Protagonist Jonathan Reid is also a doctor and can, therefore, choose to heal these same inhabitants by conducting examinations and crafting specific medicines.

The Twitch clip shows how this system works in practice, including some of the decisions your character must make.

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Vampyr is due out on June 5 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Focus Home Interactive [Twitch]


  • I came here to make a Dr. Acula joke but was disappointed when it was mentioned in the article.

    Foiled again.

    Game looks okay to me, some of the combat doesn’t feel all that punchy though.

  • Definitely on my watchlist…the gameplay in Remember Me wasn’t top tier, but the world building was great, as was the memory remix mechanic.

  • Was kind of interested in this before I realised it was one of those ‘choose your own adventure’ narrative games.
    I want gameplay in my games, thanks.

  • I really like Remember Me. I loved the atmosphere and story and the Godhand Lite combo maker was kinda fun too. Sure it was linear but I don’t see why that was such a big deal breaker for many critics.

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