Here's Kingdom Hearts 3, Toy Story And Wreck-It-Ralph All Together

If you're keen to know a bit more about Kingdom Hearts 3, here's a good chunk of footage with boss fights, cut scenes and regular gameplay.

Square Enix's ongoing crossover action-RPG is due for release this year, and press got hands on with the game late last week. Footage from those preview sessions has popped up online, including this half an hour of over-the-shoulder footage from Gamespot.

The footage combined provides a neat indication of what to expect: the animations are pretty fluid, and the game looks fantastic. I'm not sure the story will be any more comprehensible for newcomers, though.

No official date beyond "2018" has been set for Kingdom Hearts 3, but you can bet we'll hear more about the game on 0300 AEST June 12, when Square's E3 conference kicks off.


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