Here's Some Concept Art From State Of Decay 2

Image: Undead Labs / Stephen Erik Schirle

State of Decay 2 doesn't officially drop until next week, but before then we've got a few bits of concept art to show.

Make Sure You Stockpile Cars In State Of Decay 2

In State of Decay, survival is a slow and difficult process. It's easy to get overwhelmed early on, as you slowly build up each character's skills and accumulate the resources necessary to survive long-term.

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Open-world zombiefests aren't the first games you'd think of when it comes to beautiful, elaborate drawings, but artists, illustrators and concept artists put just as much time into open-world zombie jaunts as every other game.

And today we've got a small sample from Undead Labs, with work from Ocala Scott-Bellows, Stephen Erik Schirle and Doug Williams.

Image: Undead Labs / Doug Williams

Image: Undead Labs / Doug Williams

State of Decay 2 Suburban Horde Concept Art

Image: Undead Labs / Ocala Scott-Bellows

For more of a peek at how State of Decay 2 plays, check out some footage below.

Good Morning, Here's 19 Minutes From State Of Decay 2

State of Decay 2 was shown off to the public at PAX East for the first time. And, as you'd expect, someone was good enough to get some direct capture footage from the show floor.

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    I really want tp buy it as I loved the first game, but without the steam infrastructure it has turned into a hard sell. Will just have to wait and see if it launches on Steam at some point.

      Yeah it's been bothering me for a while now.
      Enjoyed the first game but I'm not sure this one is worth me buying an Xbox to play it.

      Gonna be watching the reviews pretty closely though.

        well if you want it on PC it's on the MS store... which I personally hate so meh might as well be a console exclusive

        what a shame the game looked interesting

    State of decay is out tomorrow (18th may), not next week.

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