Here's Some Rage 2 Gameplay

If you're wondering a little more precisely how Avalanche's sequel to Rage will play out in the flesh, here's a short gameplay trailer to mull over.

There's a mix of driving and first-person sequences after the first 30 seconds, and the very final scene indicates that players will have some kind of interaction with enemies in armoured suits, although you don't get to see whether it's possible to pilot them yet.

The trailer also shows off a form of rocketjumping through an ability of some kind, and there's a neat cluster grenade at the end which has a nice red smoke effect.

Rage 2 is due out next year, and we'll undoubtedly see a bit more of the game at Bethesda's E3 conference this year.


    Thanks Bethesda. Next time give us something we want or something new. The whole anarchy punk shooter bullshit is the worst. Yeah, rock music and guns *sticks tongue out* wazaaaah. Rage wont be anything special.

      What is that "we" want? By something new are you talking about a "new" Elderscrolls?

        I want a new bioshock. Like, when it came out, it was like nothing that had been done before.

        I just want something original and fresh. I'm really over the sequels and reboots. It doesn't matter how pretty it is, I have already been to rapture, wolfenstein and hell. But I haven't been an elf in a forest levelling up to infiltrate a castle? In an FPS with RPG stats set in an alternative universe. Surely it's not that hard.

          But I haven't been an elf in a forest levelling up to infiltrate a castle? In an FPS with RPG stats set in an alternative universe. Surely it's not that hard.

          You mean elder scrolls?

            I don't think you can compare an open world game to a story based games like bioshock, system shock or deus ex.

            I liked oblivion but skyrim felt like more of the same to me. It's a lot of content but so little to actually do. I know a lot of ppl love TES but i find them shallow. I need a strong story and i don't mind a more linear design for a stronger impact.

            Something no-one's ever said: "Oh great! Another draugr infested dungeon!"

              I'm not comparing, I am literally saying the game title that your comment is describing,

              Elf - check
              Forest - check
              Infiltrate castle - check
              FPS with RPG stats set in alternative universe - check

              That is elder scrolls. Unless you can tell me that is not.

              But I agree about strong story, I like linear progression games too. Games like Sony exclusives that they pump out with great SP experience and great story. Just the vocal minority is ruining it by constantly saying open world = great game.

              Thus you get all the shit games on Xbox One because they only make shallow open world games to please the vocal minority.

                I wouldn't label Elder Scrolls as a FPS more of a FPARPG or even FPRPG.

                  True but I can shoot arrows in elder scrolls too. :P

                Well by your thinking then yes, it's the same game, but by also by that kind of weird, exclusionary, rules based thinking, all science fiction films with space ships are the same movie and if you've played one platformer you've seen them all.

                I don't like TES. I want those things in a better, more fun game that's not chock full of bugs on a decades old engine just for starters.

                  I already said, based on your points, the game that matches the criteria of TES. Unless you can tell me those elements does not exist in TES, which you probably can't since you try to push the topic away by saying all science fiction movies are the same movie which was not my point. Just because you have deep have for TES, does not mean my suggestion is wrong.

                  Imagine if this was a movie article and you ask for movies with space ships and laser guns. If I said Star Wars, I'm not wrong at all but imagine you hate Star Wars to the core and somehow you are being defensive like you are right now.

                  Maybe the next closest one is Dark Messiah of Might and Magic?

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                  Sorry man, I just don't really get where you're coming from. I don't think I'm being defensive, I'm not looking for suggestions on games that already exist to play, it was just a quick comment of what I'd like to see in the future. In a new game. That hasn't been made yet. That plays a bit like system shock/deus ex/bioshock. I feel like I've already said that, but you're banging on about how you're right and I'm wrong and now I'm being defensive...

                  Do you always try to win conversations? Seriously I was just chatting away. Not trying to make some sort of big overriding point about it. It's just something I think would be cool.

                  But yes, based on my points, that game already exists. I guess I'm wrong? You win? And I should go play it now? Even though I've said a few times that I've already played it and don't like it? This is weird. Just curious, have you ever been tested for a personality disorder? You seem a bit like you'd be on the spectrum for aspergers or something related. I could list the points and I think you'd have a hard time refuting them, but... that just seems weird to me. Also seems like the kind of thing you'd do though. Anyway. Have fun with that thought.

      Given how good the Doom reboot was, I'm very interested to see how this turns out. Dismissing it so early seems a bit silly, if you're not interested in the setting then fine, but don't try and speak for the rest of us.


        Based on the fact it's from the same team that made Doom and every other title from Bethesda in the last 2-3 years, I'd bet on this being pretty darn good.

        True, the style & theme might not be right up my alley, but I'm still very interested.

          Didn't the previous article say it was being made by Avalanche Studios (Just Cause, Mad Max, etc)? While there is an id Software logo in this trailer, it comes after Avalanche, so could just mean they provided engine technology.

            People seem to miss that Bethesda is publisher and they're primarily tasked with producing market winners while someone else makes the actual games (usually a Zenimax subsidiary company/studio).

              Well, it's hard to blame them: Zenimax has both "Bethesda Softworks" (the publisher) and "Bethesda Game Studios" (the developer of Elder Scrolls, Fallout, etc) as subsidiaries. When you just see "Bethesda" in the title cards, it's going to cause confusion.

                I mean more that they have massive legacy developers like id within their publishing stable so I thought it was pretty clear that they were the publisher.

            I think the combo of Avalanche and the id Tech engine could be a good one though.

          Nuh. Dishonoured 2 was brazy good, as well as the spin off. Prey was cool. Everyone loved Doom, I thought it was alright. Evil withins suck. I just get a lazy vibe off these Bethesda studios, like churning out old IP and transforming them is starting to get old for me.

          Its mostly the aesthetic of Rage that looks shit. Mohawks and guns with what sounds like andrew w.k playing in the trailer. Woo we are anarchy with guns and lots of fun woo.

          There's just something boring about Bethesdas studio formulas. I'd love to see a decent Fallout spin off or elder scrolls spin off, or a new I.P. It feels like Bethesda is on this "hey dudes, remember this? We're bringing it back. We are for the gamers, rock on dudes" I dunno. None of this has to make sense.

      “We”. I didn’t get the memo that you were the spokesperson for the entire gaming community. Personally, I agree it will be nothing special or innovative, but it sure looks like a hell of a lot of fun.

        What about it looks fun? The guns? The shit aesthetic? This game looks like a monster energy drink.
        Also I am the spokesperson for the entire gaming community so that's kinda awkward for you isnt it.

    Looks shiny, but certainly not Rage.. Its more like Borderlands with realistic graphics. I'll pass.

    Looks pretty fucking awesome from what the trailer has shown.
    Varied terrain, looks like we got some super powers ( force push, super jump and slam) vehicle combat is back which looks like it also includes usable Mechs, and lot and lots of enemies on screen. (in some of the trailer shots, there were easily 20+ enemies fighting the player)

      Yah but what we're seeing could have almost no bearing on the final product. A lot of games go through a graphics downgrade between trailer and release.

      I thought it looked great too though.

    That engine will get nerfed, i really hope it looks that pretty on launch day.

      It should be using id Tech 6 which was used for Doom reboot and Wolfenstein 2. I think it will be ok.

    Reminding me of Bulletstorm at this stage which is an excellent outcome.

    Hope this isn't another "social experience" designed around MTX.

    Certainly looks promising though.

    Well they got the pastel colours right, that's on trend. Dunno about the Andrew WK inspired punk sensibilities though, seems a little dated. But if it plays well who gives a shit.

    I probably wont buy on launch. But ill get it.

    I'm happy about this announcement, but I just wish they kept a bit more of a darker tone and not this whole flashy colours and excitable music and hip-cool-look-at-us-have-fun imagery.

    First one was shit, very linear. The company was just milking people for money while they were waiting for Fallout/Skyrim to come out because people were antsy.

      I actually think Bethesda published a game id software worked hard on but didn't quite land.

    Eh, looks like generic, Post Apoc, Mad max, Open world, FPS.

    If they execute it well, I'm sure they'll find a market, but there's nothing remotely interesting in the trailer that hasn't been seen before.

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