Here's The First 10 Minutes Of Agony

If dark, bloody and distressing sounds like your idea of a fun time, here's some Agony to kickstart your week.

After a delay and a few rounds with ratings agencies around the world, the crowdfunded horror adventure Agony finally drops this week.

In case you need a refresher, this is the game about wandering through Hell and possessing lesser demons to scrape by. It's also the game that's getting an optional patch post-launch to restore any content that had to be removed for certain territories.

Agony Will Get A Patch To Remove 'Censorship' Post Release

The Kickstarter-backed Agony was due out late last month, bringing a fresh round of demonic first-person horror to everyone's screens. But the game's release date has come and gone, and the developers have since revealed why: classification ratings.

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For what it's worth, Agony has been rated R18+ in Australia. There's no word on whether any content was removed to appease the Classification Board, though. Either way, here's the first 10 minutes of the game courtesy of PC Master Race Latinoamérica on YouTube.

Madmind Studio also released five minutes of footage over the weekend from a later sequence in the game, which you can watch below.

Agony drops (or bleeds, really) on May 29.


    Well, from a glass half-full perspective, i can already see two good things about going to hell....

      Free prostate checks and a decreased chance of skin cancer?

    Nipples on a big breasted monster on the lead picture. I'm predicting a certain repeat of a golf game incident here.

    Well the first 10mins of yet another dimly lit rust coloured corridor game didn't grab me. Hope they manage to engaging out of it.

    Ooh nice. Good to see this is finally coming out.

    So like, did it get banned in australia? my pc is fubar atm so i could only play it on ps4, except i cant seem to find a place selling it

      Its on steam but not available for purchase until apparently the 29th. So it could be a few hours until it hits the 29th in the US or it could be like the bug some Aus and Asia users got for farcry5 where we had to wait until the following day.
      They removed content to get past some censorship problems and on the steam page there is rumour of am adult patch, some places do this where a game gets censored for steam and then you get the patch from the developers website but steam rules forbid you from advertising such.

        The developer on steam has specifically stated there will be no adult page.

    Oof. That motion is a little nauseating.

    I’m normally drawn to games which are dark and scary, but I’m suspicious of this one - sure it looks nice but it also looks like it’s trying a bit too hard to be edgy.
    Hopefully the gameplay is there and it’s not a walking simulator through high-res landscapes

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