Here's Where The Oblivious Anime Man Joke Comes From

An image of a young man mistaking a butterfly for the completely wrong thing has become one of the hottest joke formats lately. And as incredulous as the actual moment is, it isn't the first time it's been in the spotlight.

Illustration: Eric Van Allen (GMG)

The still comes from a 1991 anime series called The Brave Fighter of Sun Fighbird. The main character, Yutaro Katori, is the titular Fighbird, a space police force commander that unites with a humanoid android made by Dr Hiroshi Amano. Though he can turn into aircraft with his transforming android body, he's also from outer space, and has literally no clue when it comes to basic knowledge of Earth.

So when Inspector Satsuda shows up in episode three to question him, the Tokyo detective is predictably baffled when he finds out just how clueless Katori is. The android space cop mistakes a floating butterfly for, well, a pigeon.

The show leans into the joke, having him misidentify some flowers, and then later Satsuda makes the same flub when telling some inquisitive children why he was at Amano's front door in the first place.

Screenshot: The Brave Fighter of Sun Fighbird (YouTube)

According to Know Your Meme, it started with a Tumblr post in 2011 simply pointing out the subtitles by themselves. It gained traction over time, and was pointed to as a moment lost in translation on sites such as Smosh and Buzzfeed despite being an accurate translation.

More recently on social media, Katori's moment of misunderstanding has become the perfect catalyst to express any level of obliviousness. From reading a situation wrong to sheer density, the boy who cried pigeon is the easiest way to get across that someone isn't getting it.

Image: via KnowYourMeme

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Image: via KnowYourMeme

Image: via KnowYourMeme

Image: via KnowYourMeme


    Can't believe someone posted episodes of this show on utube.
    Ah I can relive my childhood.

    Best time to be alive as a small boy was in the early 90s in Japan.
    Had this Brave series (+ Da Garn, Might Gaine etc), Eldran series, Dragon Ball Z, SD Gundam craze, annual refresh of power rangers, Dragon Quest, Street Fighter 2 and on and on.

      One of my plans if I ever fall into possession of a TARDIS or somilar device is to travel back to bubble economy-era Japan and just bask in it.

    The interesting thing is this is actually a representation of overextension, commonly found in early child development. Given that the android has no knowledge of Earth it makes sense that his learning would be similar to that of a child's. What I'm now wondering is whether they ripped off Bambi who mistakes a butterfly for a bird when first learning to talk.

    ummm this came from the anime called "a wind named amnesia"

    hes learning what things are again, the translation wasnt wrong.

    Last edited 07/05/18 5:03 am

    That is a beautiful opening song <3

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