How Nintendo Labo Is Doing In Japan 

How Nintendo Labo Is Doing In Japan 

Last year, it was seemingly impossible to get a Nintendo Switch in Japan. The console was always selling out. What about Nintendo Labo? Right now, you can easily pick one off the shelf.

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Well, it’s made of cardboard, so Nintendo can make a whole bunch, right?

True, it isn’t as complex to make as game hardware, but that doesn’t mean mass-produced, analogue toys can’t sell out in Japan. Nearly a decade ago, when Beyblade was hugely popular in Japan, the plastic “stadiums”, which were really just cheap plastic dishes, were sold out everywhere in Japan. You could not get one. They probably cost nothing to make, but the demand was too high.

According to Famitsu‘s figures, the Variety Kit is doing better than the Robot one, which isn’t surprising. It’s currently in the top five on the sales chart. Nintendo has sold 40 to 60 per cent of its stock. Not bad!

Image: Famitsu

The Robot Kit is number 17 on Famitsu‘s sales chart and has sold through 20 to 40 per cent of its stock. These aren’t good retail sales numbers. A shame, because that Robot Kit looks rad.

Image: Famitsu

As blog Hachima points out, many Japanese retailers have been announcing that they have Nintendo Labo stock, writing 在庫あります (zaiko arimasu) or “We have it in stock”.

And, for example, it’s in stock at all these Yodobashi shops. (Next to the green circle, it reads “In stock” in Japanese.)

Image: Yodobashi , Hachima

Image: Yodobashi, Hachima

Keep in mind that these are sales numbers for bricks and mortar retailers, which are still incredibly important in the Japanese sales market.


  • Wow that wall of Japanese text on an English website with no translation is super awesome work guys

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    • For a while there, Bash was offering translations as captions to the tweets. Seems to have fallen off again of late.

      • Yeah usually chrome gives me a pop up asking if i want to translate the page. Didnt happen for me on this article.

  • many Japanese retailers have been announcing that they have Nintendo Labo stock, writing “We have it in stock”.

    You don’t say…..tell me more.

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