I Hope You Didn't Get Conan Exiles Early At Retail

I get that there's a lot of patching between the time a physical disc is printed and launch day. But Conan Exiles has taken that disconnect to several new levels.

Funcom's survival dick simulator comes out of early access this week, and it's getting a proper launch on consoles as well. And as you'd expect, there's been a ton of patching up until launch day. That's pretty standard.

But console users might be in for a bit of a shock. According to the official Conan Exiles account, anyone who got an early retail disc of the game should prepare for a massive patch, because of the build of Conan Exiles on the disc is several months old:

I mean, it's normal for discs to be printed a month or two before launch.

But several months?

Good lord.

I hope you've got good cable, or one of the better NBN connections. Because I've never seen a "major" day one patch that was less than 15GB. Which gives me an idea...


    SMH. Too much of this sort of business goes on these days.

    Why even bother with a physical disc. Just have a download code in the box

      I would be so down for that. You have to download load almost the whole game anyway. Plus you get the benefits of having it tied to your account, not needing a disc. Plus you could get it at more reasonable retail prices + sales instead of the ridiculous online pricing of console games.

        Don't assume it would be cheaper just because you're not buying a tangible object.

          I'm talking about how when a game comes out it's like $100 from PSN/Xbox and usually $80 on disc in JB HiFi. It's too expensive to buy digital in australia. If retail was a code in a box instead of a disc, then I'd get the benefits of owning digital without paying as much as digital. (Plus other sales when retail has to shift stock)

            Ah, yep. Sorry, I misunderstood.

            I buy digital off the us store. And with game sharing on Xbox and PS4, new releases are really only about $35

          In general, it is cheaper. Look at the prices of Steam games compared to buying the physical product.

          Personally, I don't consider physical games or the stores that sell them to be relevant to the industry anymore.

            Steam's a really bad example. They still price us regionally in US dollars. As an example: Far Cry 5 is priced at $70usd on Steam, which is about $94aud. Physical from JB Hi Fi for PC is $80aud.

    I don't think it's as bad as the last Tony hawk game which had a day one update bigger than the actual game.

      Wasn't that because there was nothing on the disc, and you were actually downloading the whole game?

    lol considering the PC requirements says 35Gb HDD required... the conservative is 21 to 30Gb

    But for a several months old build, I wouldn't even be surprised if file has to change

    I think you can blame the certification process Sony and Microsoft make developer go through for the launch day patches, in part at least. From memory Funcom had to submit a build to Microsoft several months in advance of the launch date to be sure it would pass certification. Once submitted they aren't allowed to make any changes.

      Stop providing facts! This is a forum to speculate and bitch!!! ;)

    Yeah. Bethesda pulls the very same shit.

    I bought Fallout 4 on disc thinking i wouldnt have to download 40+GB

    Only to find out the disc only contains 5GB of data.

    A big one finger salute to you Bethesda for not making this clear on the packaging. Im more than fine with this idea. Just make it very clear on the packaging that the game requires a large download after installation. Its important particularly for us Australians who have crappy internet.

    Anyone who buys ANY game on launch, no matter in what medium, deserves whatever they get. You'd think people would have learned by now about the level of utter giggling contempt publishers hold them in. But I guess if so many people didn't have learning problems, we wouldn't be having so many issues with our education system, would we?

    I’m ... actually looking forward to this game. I’ll be playing on console, single player. I’m expecting it to be a bit rough round the edges, but an exploration combat sandbox-thing is just what I could go for right now. Hope it’s not shit.

    I downloaded this game like two years ago on Steam. Is it finally hitting 1.0? Cool. I assume arrows work now?

      They do indeed. And with the right build are just as effective as a melee build.

    Good luck trying to play these games in 10 years time when the patch servers are offline... Christ gaming today is fucked.

      The way gaming works now, you don't play games that are 10 years old anymore. Popular games will get re-re-re-remastered every 5-10. Just OK ones will be lost to time.

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