I Really Wish I Could Bring My Destiny 2 Character To PC

On Tuesday, Bungie released Warmind, the newest expansion to Destiny, a video game in which you travel through space, (Sorry, the rest of this paragraph is PlayStation exclusive).

For those of us who were once Destiny obsessives but have since fallen off the wagon, this might have been a good excuse to jump back in.

For me, there was just one big problem: There's no way to bring my character to PC.

Destiny 2 first launched on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One last September. Like many players, I jumped in and finished the campaign right away. I grinded up my character's power level, built up a collection of exotic weapons, and did as many quests as I had the patience to do. Then, in late October, Destiny 2 came to PC.

While my Destiny buddy and Splitscreen co-host Kirk Hamilton immediately switched and started a new character - along with all of my other raiding pals - I had already called it quits. There were other games to play. In December, I played through Curse of Osiris' campaign on PS4 and then went back to my Destiny hiatus.

During the Destiny 1 era, it was easy to take months-long breaks and then reconvene with your old buddies for a quick raid or Trials run. Now, however, things are different.

If you started on PS4, took a break, and now find that your friends have moved to PC, you're out of luck. Those of us in that position have only two options: Stick to the inferior version of the game, without our buddies (the only real reason to play Destiny), or pay for a new version and then start a character from scratch.

Here's the problem: I don't want to play through the whole damn Destiny 2 campaign again. Life is too short and there are too many good video games for me to want to spend another 10-15 hours of my life repeating a shooter's story campaign that's best described as "fine." Not to mention the dozens more hours it'd take to build up my levels and gear.

And the fact that I'd have to ditch the character I've been using since 2014. I kinda like that guy.

So on Tuesday, I loaded up Warmind on my PlayStation 4. It's not great. During the first mission, everything felt sluggish, with my framerate crawling below 30FPS most of the time. I fought my way through frozen Hive aliens on Mars.

Eventually I just gave up, switching back to Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (so good) and figuring that I'll move to the beautiful, 60+FPS PC version at some point in the future, if Bungie implements some sort of level boost or campaign skip.

Question is, will we ever be able to transfer our characters? I've heard rumblings that Bungie wants to pull it off, but at least right now, that's not possible. So my Destiny hiatus will continue for that much longer.


    rofl if anyone is going to buy this game twice, good grief.

      Let alone pay for character boosts and campaign skips.

    TL;DR: I was impatient and bought the game before it launched on PC, now I'm upset I don't have it on PC.
    And the fact that I'd have to ditch the character I've been using since 2014. I kinda like that guy.
    Unless I'm mistaken the only thing that carried over from D1 was the character looks, which would take you 5 minutes to re-do when you start on PC anyway.

      PC also doesn't have that brief cut-scene up-front which acknowledges the cool shit you accomplished in D1, but instead treats you like a fresh-faced noob who doesn't know shit.

        Which is just a big disconnect. You can link battle.net, psn and xbox live accounts to the same bungie.net account, so I don't understand how they couldn't say "these are your highest achievements across all your bungie.net destiny activities" no matter what platform you decided to play Destiny 2 on.

        Another weird thing is you can have your PSN, XBL and PC accounts all in the same clan. So if your clan completes the raid on PC, you can claim the raid clan engram reward across all accounts, when it was only completed on one platform. Sooooo... why can't things like linked characters across all platforms be a thing when clans are multiplatform? You could even have weekly rewards and milestones linked so there's no opportunity to have players abuse the amount of loot they receive.

    It wouldn't surprise me if it has something to do with the exclusive ps4 shit.... I went back and played a bit of D2 on the ps4 pro and it feels even more sluggish, like it was dropping below 30 constantly in the warmind campaign.

    Excellent DLC. Taking the game in the right direction. Yesterday Heroic Strikes were crazy hard with the Blackout debuff. Really made us have to keep situational awareness a priority.

    This game should be cross play for all pve activities.

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