If You Could Forget A Show Or Movie And Watch It Again, What Would It Be?

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There are some bits of media that are so powerful that we wish we could experience it fresh, all over again.

For this week's Off Topic, let's talk about the movies that left a mark on you. One's so powerful that you wish you could experience them over again, enjoying the emotional highs and lows once more.

It doesn't have to be a film that was especially amazing: sometimes truly awful films are a great time, especially if you're sharing them with friends. But for myself, here's a few that I'd love to watch again:

  • The Matrix: I saw The Matrix as a kid at one of those cheap cinemas with a $2 choc top and a big cup of Coke. I'd love to have the experience over again, but in much higher def (hopefully) whilst still having that sense of wonderment everyone had about the movie. (Which quickly evaporated after seeing the sequel.)
  • Saving Private Ryan: My Mum was persuasive enough to let the Greater Union ushers at Campbelltown let me into the cinemas for this, and it was a fantastic experience especially as a young gamer growing up in a time when WW2 shooters were all the rage. It was a great experience, and miles better than The Thin Red Line.
  • Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex: I rewatch GiTS every couple of years, and the series gets more timely as the years wear on. I'd love to see it for the first time again in original Japanese though: I grew up with the dubbed version of the series. And while that's great, the performances just aren't the same.
  • FLCL: A friend of mine is a huge FLCL fan, and I wouldn't mind being able to wipe my memory of the series and enjoy it afresh. I don't know whether my reaction would be any different seeing it alone than with a mate - it's pretty weird - but I'd like to try.
  • Iron Chef Japan: Still the best cooking show ever made.

What movies or TV series would you want to enjoy all over again?



    I remember waiting eagerly each week to watch an episode to see what new mystery would present itself or if a mystery would be answered. Some of the best episodes i watched where after they discovered the hatch and the season ending with them blowing it open.

      I loved that show at the time too. Looking back...not so sure. Kind of on the fence about watching it again, but it's a huge time sink.

    I'm sure there are others, but the one that springs to mind: Pan's Labyrinth. I still love it after multiple viewings, but the first viewing just mesmerised me, from plot to effects to setting to how it was filmed. Glorious and an all time favourite.

    Loved Iron Chef (and that was when it was called Iron Chef, not Iron Chef Japan).

    The fifth element. Watch it at least once a year and stil love it. I remember seeing it in the movies the first time and just being in awe of the pacing and humour

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