Imperator: Rome Is Paradox’s Next Grand Strategy

Imperator: Rome Is Paradox’s Next Grand Strategy

Having enabled imperial horse marriages, enabled the construction of death stars, and mods that unlock the historical importance of penis sizes to World of Warcraft conversions, Paradox has announced their next location for grand strategy: imperial Rome.

The developer and publisher announced Imperator: Rome at their PDXCon convention over the weekend. The teaser video didn’t reveal and gameplay, but the studio said in a statement that Imperator: Rome would let players play any nation “stretching from the Pillars of Hercules to the far reaches of India”.

Imperator: Rome is scheduled for release next year. Paradox has a strong record of showing off DLC or new titles at the PC Gaming Showcase every E3, and it’d be unusual for that track record to stop now.

Basic features announced thus far include types of government (Republic, tribal systems, monarchies), provincial investments and barbarians. It’s pretty straightforward and everything you’d expect to be carried over from Paradox’s previous games. But if you’re interested, head over to the official Paradox release.


  • I’ll wait for more information before I invest my hard earned money on this IP. I’m usually satisfied with Paradox games however I felt let down by Sengoku which was really just a demo for features to be included in Crusader Kings 2.

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