Is It Time To Finally Upgrade Your Console?

Video: It's hard to deny the appeal of a PlayStation 4 Pro, especially for those of us still playing on 1080p TVs or those of us enjoying games with performance modes. The moment I changed that one setting and experienced combat in a smooth 60 frames per second in God of War, there was no way I could go back to the default frame rate of 30.

But back when the PS4 Pro was initially revealed in September of 2016, there were a lot of mixed reactions. For me, it felt a bit odd to introduce an updated version of a system halfway into its lifecycle. I sat down with Chris Person and Heather Alexandra to talk about whether or not it's time to at least start considering an upgrade now, or to keep holding off.

Are you on the cutting edge with the Gundam PC setup, or have plenty of space on that fancy entertainment centre for the Xbox One X and the PlayStation 4 Pro? Are you in no rush and coasting on a more humble setup in the meantime?

Let me know what you think down below.


    I'm fine with my current setup. 1440p on my PC, standard PS4 & a Nintendo Switch on a 1080p plasma. I gave away my XBone awhile back to my younger brother when they announced they were releasing XBone games on PC. I also use my steam link a lot to play my PC games in the living room. I'll be buying into 4k once the next gen of consoles come out.

    Will probably upgrade for Red Dead so I (hopefully) dont have to play it at 30fps.

    Decent gaming PC in the study. Really want a PS4 Pro for the lounge to go with the Hisense 4k. As above, not considering Xbone / Xbonx due to no exclusives. Keen to play GOW4 / HZD / RDR2 in 4k.

    The moment I changed that one setting and experienced combat in a smooth 60 frames per second in God of War, there was no way I could go back to the default frame rate of 30.

    That's the problem though, the performance mode doesn't run at 60fps. It might hit 60 in quiet areas with low draw distances but you're not going to be getting 60fps in any combats. There was a DigitaFoundry video comparing the modes. Performance mode hovered around 40fps with inconsistent frame timing.

    It's the same story with Monster Hunter and other games with a performance mode.

    I think the only reason to get a PS4 Pro is if you have a 4K TV.

      Even a frame low time of 40 is much better than the low's around 20, which are frankly unplayable.

      Yeah... 4K is not really playable in my book. I much prefer performance mode.

    Frames first, resolution later.

    Have an X1X, PS4 Pro and a high end PC. And I'll be bluntly honest, I'm playing wherever I can get the best experience. Which means the PS4 Pro only gets PS4 exclusives, X1X plays those few X1 exclusives and all of the consoles exclusives, and the PC plays everything else.

      This is basically why I haven't bought a console this generation. Anything that can run on PC will inevitably run better on PC, and I dislike the notion of exclusives enough to resist buying a console just to run them. RDR2 will probably be the point I pick up a console this generation, and only because Rockstar is fucking terrible when it comes to timeline for porting their games to PC. Or in the case of RDR1, not porting it at all. Fuckers.

    Yeah, it might be time soon to upgrade the PS3 and 360 :P. I have a capable PC, so consoles are only for exclusives, and honestly even after all this time there still aren't all that many exclusives to justify buying two whole consoles for. Though it is getting close, and I'll be jumping right into the X and Pro when I do, no double dipping here. It was the same with the PS3 and 360, I jumped in with the 'slim' refresh versions and got all the games I needed fairly cheaply, it's a strategy which works well for me.

    Upgraded to PS4 Pro soon after release and love the benefits, especially now I've grabbed the PSVR.
    Also have a decent PC which I use for work, but have no interest in gaming on it as I much prefer the console experience and exclusive.

      Same. I was a PC gamer for soooo long but now i've found the ease of sinking into a couch with a controller, I'll play everything possible on the PS4 now.

      And the kids gather around and offer advice etc. It's great. But you game on PC, you game alone. And sitting upright in an office chair. It's just not as good a experience.

        Same. I've been a console gamer for more than half my life and I work in front of a computer screen all day at work, 6 times a week. Which is why I bought the steam link so I could play my PC games at 1080p 60fps in the living room where my console setup is.

          I've been thinking of doing that. I first played Witcher 3 on PS4 and then I got it on PC. Now I just can't go back to 30fps on the PS4 but I really want to play it on the [email protected]

          Does the steam link work well? My PC is about 10m away from my PS4 but I've hardwired all the devices in my house with powerlink so I have a pretty decent network.

            The Steam Link works well with a robust network, but YMMV with powerlink adapters - for some people they work great, for others they're effectively unplayable. For my part I used to be able to have a good experience with a strong 802.11ac signal for the Steam Link but with the PC on an ethernet connection. For some people it outright doesn't work.

            The biggest issue I found was getting a good couch gaming setup with the PC. Some titles outright demand keyboard input and the Steam Controller doesn't always fill the gap - some games are just really stubborn about user input and won't recognise controller + mouse input, or will ignore Steam's on screen keyboard. One way around it is to just put a KB+M on your lap but I found that really uncomfortable.

            Yea like @soldant has said it really depends on your network strength & just straight up luck. I used to use powerline adapters but would get constant disconnections due to some bad in-house wiring (which has since been repaired). But when I got the NBN installed last year I had them install the modem in the central part of the house and hardwired everything from my PC, consoles, fetchTV, Foxtel IQ, SmartTV & Steam Link directly to my modem.

            Consider a extra long HDMI cable (check out cable chick). Paired with a wireless controller, and its honestly the best solution.

    I won't upgrade my ps4 or Xbox One until they break down. My Xbox One's power supply (original design console from 2016) blew up in July last year. I was tempted to get the S model.... I opted to just get a new power supply. I don't have a 4K tv (still rocking a Samsung plasma from 2009!), I'm not a huge visual person anyway so I don't think I am missing much (I also prefer dvd versions of movies over blu-ray counterparts! Yes blu-ray is detailed... I tend to only notice smaller objects being a bit more clearer in a blu-ray movie compared to the dvd version).

    My pc that I've had for almost 6 years (this coming July woohoo), has served me well. It's finally at the stage where the recommended system specs of most games are matching it. I don't even play on the highest resolution.

    I've alternated in recent years, previously was either one platform or the other. Am comfortable console gaming and pc gaming... hell I've even purchased Fifa/GTA/Street Fighter/MK on more than one platform hehe.

      gameplay > graphics, everyday of the week. Sick of "OMG 4K 60fps game!!!!" - Completed in 10 hours.... Cool story bro. I'd rather have mud graphics and finish the game in 200 hours

      Quadruple-taked on I also prefer dvd versions of movies over blu-ray counterparts!

      Got to admit, I'm just not able to understand this without more info. Why?

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    I have an X1X for my 4K TV even though I have a pretty powerful PC - because 4K and HDR looks pretty good. I don't like that it's still a 30 FPS machine, and granted it isn't native 4K all the time on all titles, but it's definitely good enough for my purposes. My PC can't really handle 4K on newer titles (GPU - 1070) without some significant compromises and maybe targeting 30 FPS. I still prefer to play some games on my PC but it's firmly a 1080p machine and I can notice a difference between 1080p and 4k.

    I have a new Sony 4K television and I still can't justify the pro. Base unit is HDR capable and that's a game changer for color palette. The tech specs on the pro are nothing to write home about - that's why devs struggle with clean frame rates. I'll wait for the PS5 - it's inside 15 months. Why by a pro now at the end of a generation for marginal gains?

    Upgraded to Pro and 4K TV in October last year, absolutely love it.
    I was worried the whole way that it wouldn't be worth the hassle but I set everything up for a seamless transition so I could really see the difference, and that difference made me smile like an idiot.
    (That intro to Horizon was worth it alone)

    Already on PS4 Pro with a 55" 4K TV... loving it, can see the benefits... Been playing mostly in 4K checkerboard, but from the people talking here about 60fps, I might have to switch my games to performance mode or Boost mode and check it out!

    About to upgrade my work machine to a Ryzen 5 2600X with 1070ti GPU... Should be able to game 1440p 60fps locked no problem at all on latest AAAs... So looking forward to seeing what that's like, been awhile since I went keyboard+mouse.

    Not going to bother with PSVR till proper PSVR 2.0 (at least 1440p each eye) with upgraded peripherals (COME ON SONY!).

      Just a PSA before you pull the trigger on that upgrade - I got a GTX 1080 for cheaper than a GTX 1070ti from umart last week! Something to keep in mind :)

    I play on a 1080p projector at 120 inches. Unless I'm planning on buying a 4k one, and the price they are, there's no farking way, then no..... I will not be upgrading either the PS4 or Xbone. You can have your fancy 4K res on a small screen. I prefer GIANT SIZED! and it's extremely far from being a crappy image

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    I'm a gamer on a budget and only had the luxury of buying a gaming system under NZ$400 so I went with PS4 Slim after seeing a deal that comes with controller and 3 games. My next console would probably something where I could play games I can't on my PS4 like the Switch.

    Prefer my 360. The Switch is as far as I am dipping into current gen. Still spend my time on Vita and PSP. Building my GameCube collection again. Not many new games excite me.

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