It’s Not Monster Hunter World, But The Switch Is Getting Monster Hunter Generations

It’s Not Monster Hunter World, But The Switch Is Getting Monster Hunter Generations

Good news, Switch fans. You’re getting another Monster Hunter game later this year: August 28 (internationally), to be precise.

It’s not Monster Hunter World – that’d be an ask – but it is the very good Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate. Those who played MHG on the 3DS will be able to port their save data over to the Switch, gracefully, and the game will support multiplayer through online or the Switch’s wireless functionality.

Two new brand attack styles are being added in the Switch release: Valor Style, which lets you trade part of your health bar for power on counters; and Alchemy Style, which gives players a barrel that can offer special attacks or buffs for your hunting party “when shaken a bit”.

The Capcom website also has some of the new fiends that are being added to MHGU, including the Nightcloak Malfestio, Rustrazor Ceanatuar, and the Soulseer Mizutsune.



MHGU will be playable at E3 this year, so expect to hear more about the game then.


  • Of course, MHW was never going to end up on Switch, the amount of people that make comparisons to other titles like that somehow means it is possible is insane. The amount of people trying to say that because the Switch could run Doom/Wolfenstein it should be able to run MHW was way too high and shows just how little the gaming community knows about game development. The amount of false equivalence that gets thrown around is pretty intense.

    • The Switch could 100% absolutely do a Monster Hunter World-like experience if it was specifically tailored to the hardware.

      Note that I didn’t say it could do Monster Hunter World (although I’m sure Capcom could port that game if they wanted to), just an experience like that to the Switch.

      I never played an MH game before World, but I would love to have a version of that game that I could take anywhere, even if it has to be scaled back for Switch somewhat.

      That said, I’m also curious about the older style MH games so I might check this out when it launches.

      • Errr yeah right, caching issues experienced in other titles aside, there is an easy argument to be made that the gpu wouldn’t be the real bottleneck in a game like MWH, but instead the CPU. Unlike other established multiplatform games, MWH has a decent amount of moving parts that likely will be an issue.

        Probably should stop taking bullets for the Switch and understand that there are going to be titles that are just not going to happen.

      • Even if that was the case, the size of the world would probably have to be shrunk because the Switch would have difficulty loading and keeping a sandbox that size in memory. And tracking the monster over such a large scale might make life miserable for the Switch’s poor CPU.

          • The real problem is that there is an upper limit to what you can change in order to make it run before you run into Theseus. They are much better off keeping two different lines, one which is multiplat and one that is devoted to Switch in order to get the most out of both titles.

      • They could do a MHW like experience.

        Just not with the MHW engine. The switch cannot support it.

  • Hard pass. I went back to Monster Hunter on the 3DS while flying earlier this year and my GOD it’s mechanically so much worse than MHW. Just… painful. Like trying to go back to keyboard-look-aiming after Quake revolutionised Mouselook.

  • Isn’t this just a localisation of XX? I played the crap out of generations, and I’ve been bummed that i can’t grind in world while i watch tv. I tried going back to the 3ds, but the controls annoy me even with an upgraded c-stick.

    I went so far as to download the japanese demo for xx, but even though it looked and ran really well, i wasn’t willing to play the translate game.

    So I’m down for this if it is XX, so i can netflix and kill.

  • Mm, this is a good thing.

    MH4U and MHG are some of my favourite games in the past decade. The 3DS pulled out an uncomfortable amount of joy.

    MHW was a problem because while it implements extensions of existing mechanics, they look like overreach. Add in that it’s only available on PC and home consoles i.e. stuck to a static environment, and nope, hard pass.

    Looking forward to porting across my dude and getting back down to ankle punching wyverns.

  • Honestly, I’d rather this over World anyway, there’s waaaaaay more stuff to do, and things to kill. Tons more depth in armor skills, and more things to grind for

  • For the love of god, please bring this to the 3DS.

    There’s already a Japanese version, just translate it and boom I’ll throw money and first borns at it.

    I don’t want to have to buy three Switches just so I can play multiplayer under this house.

  • From what I’ve seen of MH games before World, I don’t think I could get into it. I get that XX had some additional stances, depth in armor, more monsters et al but the quality of life improvements of World along with the more organic, interesting environments and fights seem like they’d be too difficult to give up.

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